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News Flash!

By Baxter | Nov 03, 2014
Photo by: Bill Kunitz

Humans have discovered we’re smarter than they thought we were.

Well, duh!

For eons, humans have thought they were training us when it’s clear that all the way back to the days of the caves, we’ve been training them. We’ve trained them to feed us and not just dog food, but the good stuff they eat; we’ve trained them to open doors for us, to pick bugs off us, take us on adventures in their big moving crates; we’ve trained them throw sticks and balls and flying disks for us, to get down on their hands and knees with their butt up in the air to play with us – and of course the pièce de résistance: we’ve successfully trained our humans to walk along behind us with little black bags and keep everything, well, tidy.

And humans are so smug with their one-dimensional language of the tongue that they fail to recognize the subtleties of our language, a language of not only voice, but of sight and scent and touch and licking and bodies. Even the fur on our backs helps us communicate. Humans put so much importance on words they think that’s all they need to understand one another – and that gets them into trouble sometimes.

But alas, human’s perception of our inferiority has worked to our advantage over the years. That plate of raw meat that disappeared from the counter? Dunno. I’m just a dog. But now (with apologies to our feline friends) the cat is out of the bag. Now they are going to start ‘training’ us to use more of their words so they can show us off to their friends.  And that dreaded day may come when, dog forbid, they will expect us to go along behind them and tidy up.