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Cookout Capers

This column first appeared in July, 2010
By Baxter | Jul 01, 2015

Summer is here and time for another refresher on family cookouts. In the past I’ve focused on the technique of removing unwanted meat from the grill but as I grow older I ask myself why take the chance of burning my tongue or being caught in the act?

As a cookout progresses, it becomes clear the taller humans are not drinking the same water we are.  As they continue to drink they begin to relax and good things start to happen: they might walk back into the house forgetting your nose is just inches from the platter of raw meat. (Note: here it’s important to use some self-control. Our instinct, of course, is to finish it off – but remember even the most relaxed human will notice if all the meat is gone.)

You’ll have another opportunity while the food is cooking. A well-quenched human doing tricks for his guests is likely as not to flip something off the grill and onto the ground. An alert dog will be ready; an exceptionally alert dog will catch it before it hits the ground.

Once cooked, a whole new world of opportunity opens up as food is passed from one human to another.  At cookouts, humans often use plates actually made out of paper! Yes, the same stuff you used to pee on when you were a puppy.  These plates buckle when full, dumping their entire contents on the ground - and if that’s not enough, once the food begins to disappear the plates blow off the table carrying the remains to the feet of a well positioned dog.

Thought for the month: Enjoy the summer and attend all cookouts – even the ones down the street!