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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | May 01, 2017
***Can you replace the old photo of me with this one?***

Spring has finally sprung! I can’t wait for green grass, flowers, a garden, and sleeping with the windows open! It’s finally time to kick off the heavy winter boots and slip into flip flops. I hope that you and your pups are enjoying the warmer days, too. I did so many readings in April that I’d like to tell you about, but there’s one problem. When the reading ends, I don’t remember most of what I’ve said to you. Forgetting what I’ve said keeps my brain uncluttered, but at the end of the day, I’m aware that some amazing things were said, and I have no clue what they were! My role as the psychic is to be a conduit, and sometimes it feels as though the words bypass my brain and simply flow from a higher source and directly out of my mouth. I was smart enough to write two things down in my most recent reading though, and I hope you find them as funny as I did!

I got an email from a woman who has called me before to gain insight into her dog’s behavior. This time the issue was that if he kept barking, the neighbors were going to call the Animal Control Officer. Lucky for her, they had given her fair warning, and she was being proactive by seeking out a reading. Her dog got super excited and barked his head off every time someone came into their house, and he’d also randomly have barking fits in the evening lasting five or ten minutes. She wanted to know why he was doing this and how she could get him to stop.

When I looked at my notes, the first thing I have written is “White noise, owner doing well.” Luckily that was enough to jog my memory, and the meaning behind it is actually pretty cool. The dog said that his owner had been doing so much work on herself as a result of the last reading that she was emotionally in a good spot. He told us that she no longer comes home from work exhausted and carrying the stress of the day. He explained that before he’d have to bark at her to help her release all that crazy energy that was hanging around her and clear the space himself. She did admit that she had put a lot of the areas in her life into perspective and was enjoying life more. If this were the case, then why was he still barking?

Well, he sheepishly admitted it was really quiet there now, and he didn’t know what to do with himself. He asked for a white noise machine so that he could “get off the clock” himself, so to speak. She laughed and agreed to try it if he agreed to stop the barking. I’m assuming it worked because I never got a call back. In my line of work no news is usually good news!

The next thing I have scribbled is “amazing race, cat/dog.” What the heck? I had to think back a little on this one but finally remembered what it meant. The owner had asked how the dog was feeling about a cat that had recently joined the family. Turns out the dog didn’t really like it and the cat didn’t care much for the dog, but they agreed to disagree. The cat said that if they had to do the Amazing Race (a television show where couples, friends, or siblings have to get to a destination by following clues), they would probably make it but end up totally hating each other.

We laughed so hard that I told her it could very well end up in an article, and that’s why I’m sharing it with you today! There are two other cats in the home that are completely indifferent to both the dog and new addition, and she was very relieved that she could stop trying to get them all to be best friends. Readings like this are so enjoyable for me because they’re light hearted and usually result in positive changes. When I say things like your dog and cat relate to each other like contestants in a TV show, I do think I may be a bit nuts. When I get the validation that whatever was said actually helped, I know that, yes, yes I may be a bit nuts, but I will continue to keep my job as a Psychic for People and Pets.

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets, has an office in North Conway, NH but is also available for phone readings and private events. FMI go to, email or call (603)662-2046.