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Furry Words

By Sara Moore, Enlightened Horizons | Oct 27, 2017

A lot of people are surprised to learn I do readings over the phone, which allow me to connect with people all over the world! Energy is energy, so time and space don’t interfere with my ability to connect with a person’s or animal’s spirit. One thing that is hard for me to decipher is if they’re living or deceased because they both feel the same to me. I recently had an intense reading with a woman from the West coast whose newly rescued dog had bitten a few people, and she needed to understand why and if there were any way to get him to stop. The answer surprised both of us, and it reminded me that animals often come into our lives to teach us much bigger lessons than we may be aware of.

The dog was a stocky mixed breed who had only been with the family for a few months. She said there was no warning when it would suddenly snap at people, and it had successfully nipped a few of them. One attack resulted in broken skin, and the dog was currently in quarantine. I reminded her I’m not a vet, and I have zero dog training experience, but I could give her the dog’s side of the story. She believed that something in the dog’s past was a trigger for the behavior, but she couldn’t find any commonalities between the events. The dog said that his past had absolutely nothing to do with it; he loved the surge of energy he got from the “victims” when they didn’t know if they were going to live or die when he jumped at them.

Fear is a very powerful emotion, and there are some people and animals who use it as a way to charge their own batteries. This situation felt a little different to me, however. The dog really was doing it for the thrill and endorphins he got by feeling victims on the edge. I asked the dog what this was all about, and I got an image of the owner’s son and the dog told me to ask her about him. She confirmed she had one son living and the other had died within the year. Ugh. This was not what she was expecting to discuss when she called, but luckily I am no longer phased by topics that most people would avoid like the plague.

The dog said that her living son loved to go to the brink and then pull himself back. He wanted to know what it was like to maybe wake up, maybe die. He wanted to know what that felt like living on the edge. She was quiet for a moment and then said he was a heroin addict. When his brother died, he had gotten worse and she was worried for him. The dog was mirroring what her son was doing. The dog said it would stop biting if she would have a heart to heart with her son, so I asked the dog and her son (living) what she needed to know.

Her son admitted he was a terrible druggie. She chuckled and said he was. He wasn’t doing it because he loved the high; he was doing it to better understand why his brother did it and what it was like for him to die as a result. He wanted his mother to talk to him and to tell him that she needed him to stay here, and he wanted her to understand why he was doing it. He wanted the family to have a very open and hard conversation about what they were going through instead of giving each other the space to grieve in their own ways. He said that was really just an excuse for not facing reality. The mom was stunned but agreed to call him right away. I offered a free reading to her son because clearly he was struggling, too. I asked her to follow up with me if and when she was ready because it’s readings like these that validate that the animals come here to help us on our journey and give us the opportunity to find a level of healing we didn’t know we needed.


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