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Rescue of the Month: The Pixel Fund

They Know Shelter Pets Rock
By Susan Spisak | Jan 01, 2018

Pixel’s Posse Inc., dba The Pixel Fund, was founded in 2011 by then-Maine resident Janet Williams because she was shocked by the many southern high kill shelters that she ran across while searching for a new dog. She did travel south and rescued a brown Chihuahua girl named Pixel, who only had hours to spare before an untimely death. Williams made it her goal to rescue as many animals like Pixel as possible. Once she moved to Florida, she simply opened a satellite office, relying on her Maine volunteers to keep things running smoothly.

Lisa Pelton, a Maine board member for this 501(c) (3), indicated that The Pixel Fund has rescued over 4,500 dogs and cats in the last six years. They pull most of their animals from overcrowded high kill shelters in Georgia and Florida. According to Pelton, thousands of animals are euthanized due to overpopulation and lack of education.

“Maine has a much better handle on their pet population,” she explained. “And there are strong shelters in Maine that we think are absolutely fantastic,” she said, adding that they don’t get many rescue calls in-state, so they focus on the states where there is a need for rescue work.

In addition to volunteers in Florida and Georgia, they have relationships with rescues and rely on all to pull the at-risk animals. The animals are fully-vetted and fostered in that state, and hopefully local families or individuals will adopt them. If not, they’re transported to Maine for adoption--the Pixel Fund is fully licensed and follows all state guidelines.

Pelton added, “While our primary day-to-day action is pulling animals from shelters and insuring that they get a second chance, we believe there’s something more to rescue, and that’s educating and advocating so we can change things to make the future better.”

To that end, in Florida they partner with the Department of Juvenile Justice, placing foster animals in 11 different juvenile and treatment centers. This gives at-risk youths a chance to foster and train puppies, and it also gives both the kids and the animals’ confidence and skills.

In addition to rescuing shelter pets, the Pixel Fund educates on the importance of spay and neuter to prevent unwanted litters that lead to overpopulation, responsible pet ownership including proper training, and enlightening the public not only on humane animal treatment but the need for shelter system reform.

If you are interested in adopting one of their shelter pets, please fill out an online application. Prior to approval of your application, they require a vet check on existing pets, a landlord check if applicable, and a home visit.

Additional fosters are always necessary and are an important component of their organization. They ask that you provide all food, a safe environment, and lots of love and affection. The Pixel Fund will pay necessary veterinary expenses.

For further info on the interstate Pixel Fund, including volunteering, donating, and to see all their adoptables, visit