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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | May 01, 2018

Hello my friends! Many of you have been reading this column since it began many years ago, and for others, this will be your first time. I’m a psychic for people and pets, so I’m able to communicate with both living and deceased animals. I’m not a veterinarian, and I don’t treat or diagnose (nor do I ever really want to!), but I often do readings to help owners get to the root of a medical situation. People ask all kinds of questions in a reading, and no two readings are ever the same! To give you some idea of how a reading works, here are some mini readings for my May column. I put the call out on my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page, asking for the animal’s name, color, if they’re alive, and what you wanted to know. Here’s what came through:

Kathryn P. asked about Boomer, who is Brown with a black muzzle. “I'd love to know why he keeps getting into things that could kill him and peeing on things whenever he is left alone.” Well, he’s bored and wants more of your undivided attention. You seem to be doing more things that you really don’t want to do, and he’s working hard to give you a reason to have to bail on them! It’s time for you to take a look at your day to day, determine what you have to do, what you like doing, and what things can you shift away from. He’ll be much better behaved when you find a better work balance!


Tina D. “Hi Sara! It's Jake . He passed in February. He was dark and light brown . He was our best friend. I would like to know if he's ok?” He is awesome! I get a huge smile on my face when I check in with him. I do think he’s messing with lights to let you know he’s around. I know it’s hard for you to think of him without feeling sad and hurt, but when you can think of him with love and know that he’s ok, you’ll become even more aware of when he says hello.


Hydie B. “Bear, he’s black and alive. How stressed, if at all, is he when I leave the house without him?” I don’t think he’s stressed at all! I laugh when I say this because he shows me how he gets all agitated as you get ready to go, but as soon as you’re gone he kind of wipes his brow and snuggles in. He loves the house quiet, so if you’ve been playing music, he’s asking you to stop. (Because he says this, I’m assuming you have been!) His agitation is only to help prove to you now that he does need, love, and appreciate you. I get that he’s totally happy being left alone!


Becca D. “My puppy, Odie! He's a black, tan, and white husky, and he is alive. What is going on in his crazy mind?!” Oh my goodness, this pup spins me!! I feel like my nose is down to the ground, and he’s tracking everything! I would expect a husky to have his head up and sniff, but he’s following things and going step by step where they have been. This definitely makes for some zigging and zagging! He’s not here to protect you, but he wants to show you how to take yourself more lightly. You have proven your strength. Now let that slip to the background and start having fun! You know you are worthy of it, and he’s going to lead you on some fantastic adventures. Make sure you have a way to get his attention when he’s on the scent. I hear a whistle like what a referee would use. One quick blast to get him to look up, and he’ll be galloping back to you.


Lee M. “Bessie, red-tri. Why has she become very restless and anxious at night and unwilling to stay in her crate?” This dog wants to be in your room, but not necessarily on your bed. I don’t think you like to sleep with your bedroom door closed, but if you put up a baby gate, she’ll sleep on her own bed by the door or bureau. You are being visited by your loved ones in heaven when you sleep, and I actually hear you having conversations with them. The dog just wants to be sure it’s all safe, which it is.


There are over 50 questions I don’t even have the space to answer, so I hope you enjoyed these! It fascinates me how the dogs come here to teach us things, and most readings always circle back to something the owner needs to know. If you’d like to book your own reading you can do so through the website