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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Jun 01, 2018

Have you looked out the window lately? There are green leaves on trees, flowers are blooming, and spring has finally sprung! Spring brings hope and symbolizes new beginnings. I took a week in May to create workshops and galleries for both people and pets, which you can learn more about on the Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page. The last week of May I did a reading for the sweetest woman regarding her dog. Since my memory of readings is fuzzy, I can’t actually remember the dog’s name, so I’m going to call her Maisy.

Her name was familiar, and she began by thanking me profusely for helping her husband find peace after the loss of their first dog together. She said the dog had light in his eyes until the end, and her husband couldn’t bring himself to accept that he was ready to go. When they finally took him to the vet and he crossed the rainbow bridge, her husband felt guilt for waiting so long, too long, he thought. Not knowing how to help him, she booked an animal communicating reading for him for the day after that final vet visit. He was a skeptic, and she didn’t even know if he’d be open to the dialog, but she was out of other options.

When I called him, I didn’t know anything about him or the dog (I really do go blank before and after a reading) so when he gave me the dog’s name and color, I saw that the dog was at peace and its spirit was already on the other side. If you’ve read my column before, you’ll know that this can happen even before the physical body has shut down. I think that was the moment he became a believer because there really was no way for me to have known the dog was already in heaven! Apparently everything I said in the reading resonated with him, and he found the healing he so desperately needed.

Getting back to the dog- she called me for this time. The minute she said her dog’s name and told me she was a yellow lab, my legs felt like they were giving out. Had I not been sitting, I’m pretty sure I would have fallen down! I relayed this to her, and she said that the reason she was calling was because of that exact issue. It wasn’t that she was in tremendous pain, but her body was starting to fail her. Maisy wanted her to know that she didn’t have much life left, and she was very ready to join the dog that had predeceased her. The wife’s concern was that her husband was on the road for work and wouldn’t be home for a few weeks. Maisy made it clear she couldn’t wait that long and asked her to help her transition before then.

At this point, the woman was crying, but said that she knew everything she was being told was true, and this reading was the validation she was seeking. I asked Maisy why she didn’t want the husband there, and she said he didn’t have the strength to be there in person and that was alright with her. The wife said it was accurate. Maisy said she would really like to be buried in their yard, and asked if the vet could hold her body until he got home. She thought it could give him closure and pointed out they were in their forever home, so it was the perfect place for her to stay. When an animal is getting ready to cross over, I like to ask him if he has any final requests. This part makes me smile even before I can get my thoughts on paper!

Maisy asked to have a farewell tour. She wanted the owner to call people in town and let them know that she was going to do a victory lap with the sweet pup. Turns out they have a convertible and the dog’s favorite activity was to lounge in the back seat while they went for drives. What a perfect way to say goodbye! Maisy explained that by doing it this way, everyone who said his goodbyes was also sending love to the family, which in turn sent love out to the world and helped to raise the vibration. It was a win-win for everyone! Of course, the owner was so sad, but she was also at peace that it really was Maisy’s time. I only hope that when my day comes, I’m worthy of such a sendoff! Godspeed Miss Maisy. You have impacted more lives than you could have ever imagined! FMI or to book your own reading go to