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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Jul 01, 2018

It’s summer! I am so excited for beach days, fireflies, and camping. Readings have picked up, and I’m doing my best to juggle my role as mom and psychic. Yup. Even psychics have “real” lives when they’re off the clock! As a matter of fact, I got so wrapped up in the chaos of the end of spring sports and school that I almost forgot to submit July’s “Furry Words” column. To kick off July, I gave a shout out to my Facebook friends for questions about their dogs. I hope you enjoy what they have to say!

Sheila asked about Shasta, a black and white border collie. She’s a deceased rescue dog with an unknown beginning. She just wanted to know what she had to say. Shasta’s answer was that she came here to teach you about maintaining structure. She liked things the way they were and wanted them to continue on that way. So many people think it would be awesome to go off script, but that’s not always the best option. When I headed off to college, I was so excited to buy my own stuff. I got Close Up toothpaste because my mom always bought Crest. Turns out I really hated the one I bought and still use Crest to this day! Sheila, this dog was here to validate that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! You did a great job with all other areas of your life because you did what felt right for you. You did the same with the dog, and she is eternally grateful for that. When she passed, she went right to heaven without ever looking back. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you don’t feel her energy around. That is a huge compliment because she lived her best life ever and joyously crossed the rainbow bridge when it was her time.

Jessica said “We have a boy we could use some insight on. Belvedere, living, yellow lab. What does he need for his anxiety?” Holy. Smokes. You need to take a serious lesson from this dog. You are doing phenomenally well in your life, both personal and career wise. This is a dog who is 100% on the job when she needs to be the great protector, but when someone else does it for her, then she has no idea what to do with herself! You are kind of the same…. What do you do when life falls into place and fear and worry aren’t the driving force? Well, you relax. LOL! This is something you really do need to learn how to embrace. Belvedere is ready to show you how to ease into the day and only do what you really want to. That being said, if you want happy kids, you are happy to get up and get them on the bus or get up and go to work. You have created your new groove and you are headed in the right direction. You can safely slow down and enjoy life, and as you do, the dog will become more calm.

Shayne has Luke and wants to know what was his life like before they rescued him from the pound. Well, he was a handful. I think he made a lot of noise, didn’t settle down, wandered all over the house at night (which drove them nuts!), and he didn’t really give the family the attention they were hoping for. They were hoping for a love bug that would snuggle with them. Problem is, Luke is a cool dude who’d rather be chilling in the sidecar of a motorcycle. You are the perfect family for him! Shayne has another dog, Derby, and she wanted to know if he had anything to say. First thing he told me was he loves putting his mouth on things, not necessarily chewing them, but just putting his muzzle on them. It’s his way of saying he owns it. He is gentle and consistent. He likes to know what is going on and is funny when he wants to be. Luke is busy being aware of his image, Derby does what feels good, regardless of how it makes him look! They do love each other, and they are the yin to the others’ yang.

Debbie asked, “My grubba was 12 when he passed. I love and miss him so much. I would like to know if he's ok and happy.” Debbie, he is giving me the most disgusted look when I ask him this, which cracks me up because he is so sincere! He is loving life on the other side, just as he did when he was walking beside you. He is a bit surprised that you asked that because he just assumed you knew. Finally, Jen wanted to know about Mac. “He lived the second part of his life with another family, and I would love to know what that adventure was like and if he understood why I had to make the decision that I did...” Jen, he sort of forced your hand on that and is a bit sad that you owned the reason for him being rehomed. He came to you for a reason, and he’s never once judged you for the decision. He had a great life after you. I feel like he would have been happy either way, but the other family needed him and felt like they were saving him. He was happy to be pampered and showered with love, but he says the joke was on them because he also felt the same amount of love when he was with you. He gave them the puppy dog eyes which validated to them that they really were the hero family, but that tells me very clearly that he had two hero families, yours and theirs. He really is the winner!

Thank you to those who allowed me to read their dogs for this edition of “Furry Words”. I hope you have a fabulous summer, and if you’d like more information or a long reading, go to