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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Aug 01, 2018

People are always amazed that I can actually communicate with animals, and they're always curious as to what their pet would say to them. Last month I had so much fun answering questions that I'm doing it again for August. I hope you enjoy the answers!

Suzie K. asked, “Why does my dog keep taking my child’s stuffies and burying them in the garden?!” The first thing I get is the dog is your child’s mama, meaning grandmother. And she hates that she’s getting older, and she wants to preserve the memories on the land on which she was raised. It’s kind of like making a time capsule, and when she’s grown up and moved on, someone else will find them and the stories of “what could have been” will be shared. She is a bit embarrassed that you asked this question and that she got busted. She really did think she was getting away with it!

Cheryl K. asked, “Why has Mei been acting strangely and not coming in the house to relax other than to sleep? She would always chill in the, she hides in the garden...I have to go out with a flashlight at night to bring her in.” It’s funny, when you ask me that I get a feeling of being a bit trapped in your house and needing to get out and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Sometimes a home can be cozy and safe, but at other times, it can be a reminder of all that we have to do to maintain it or the monumental effort it takes to raise children. It’s time for you to get outside and relax! You’ve made it! Now when you go into the house, let it be a reminder of all that you’ve accomplished.

Nakia C asked, “Why does Oscar continue to be brilliantly handsome and easily the most incredible guy ever??” I had to include this one because when I read her question, he was more than happy to answer. He feels like he needs to be that way to be worthy of being in your light. He adores you and admits that he’s a bit scruffy these days. Does he have brown around his mouth? If so, he’d like that cleaned up please!

Lindsay L asked, “How can we best help Birdie through the loss of her brother Neely? She’s having a tough time.” I actually think she’s doing better than you realize. She is giving you both time to grieve and heal, but once she feels it’s appropriate, I think you’re going to see a side of her that’s been tucked away for a long time. She really wants to be playful and silly, but Neely was a larger than life dog in a small dog body who needed to be in the spotlight. I think by the time this issue comes out, you’ll see that she’s already shifted. She hates mushy carrots. What?! She threw that out there, so if you feed them to her, she hates them. Lol!

Leah K asked, “Why does our beagle Henry bark at my husband? Only at night and only in the house?” Your husband LOVES you and the family, but work takes all of his concentration when he’s at the office, and he gets barked at when he’s shifting to family mode. Henry is doing his best to dust him off energetically by barking and shifting the vibration around him. I am laughing as I type this because I can see your husband coming home, taking his shoes off outside, kind of shaking out his arms and consciously releasing any stress or thoughts of work at the door, and then coming in all the while with Henry watching him intently to see if he “got it all.” Give it a try, and let me know what happens!

And finally, Beth B. asked if Wyllie would prefer a brother or sister. Brother! Loud and clear! If you’re getting a puppy, I’m all for puppy snuggles in my office! Thank you to those who allowed me to read their dogs for this edition of “Furry Words”. I hope you have a fabulous summer, and if you’d like more information or a long reading, go to