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Furry Words

Sep 01, 2018

I can’t believe I’m writing a column for September! This summer started out super busy with events, parties, and readings and is now settling down just in time for me to brace myself for my son’s first year of middle school. Holy smokes! I put the call out for your questions and within five minutes had close to 20 responses. I picked the first ones that came in and hope you enjoy the readings. Just a reminder that I’m not a veterinarian and my insight is not a replacement for licensed medical care.

Lynn S. asked about Jackson/Jax, black, living. She wants to know if his knee hurts him and why he won't play in the yard anymore. I am not a vet, so I can’t give medical advice, but when I check in with him, I feel a bit of pain on the top of my right back knee. It’s a very specific spot, and it’s not terrible but very annoying. Jax is trying to ignore it because there’s no way he’s going to let it slow him down! I do think that’s part of why he’s not playing in the yard. He’s saving himself for “spectacular” play time, not “marginal” play time. If I ask what approach he’d like to healing, I get that he prefers traditional veterinary care vs holistic. He calls that “foofy.” He would like a ball to play with please! The kind you get from the grocery store that are pastel blue and white. He may pop it pretty quickly, but he’ll have a blast with it in his mouth and will love shaking it from side to side.

Katie O. wants to know what her German Shepherd thinks of their cat Franny. You know how there are the cool kids in school? Well, Franny is the super cool jock, and your pup is the band kid who is totally too cool to hang with the jocks until one seems to like them. Now he’s all star struck and gets all geeky when Franny gives him any attention. I am laughing so hard writing this because the dog gets embarrassed when Franny gives him a little swat after he gets a bit overzealous. They do both love each other though.

Cheryl R. said she’s been thinking of Indy, a white collie who is deceased. She wants to know what's it like where she is and are our friends with you? Indy is a pretty spectacular dog. Greyhounds are the closest dog that you’ll get to angelic energy, and Indy is right there with them. When I ask where she is, all I see is bright white- pure healing, love, kindness, peace and energy. She no longer has her physical form and that allows her to visit you freely whenever you think of her. You probably don’t “see” her out of the corner of your eyes, but if you get a whoosh of goosebumps or an overwhelming thought of her, that’s because she is right there with you. And yes, your friends are definitely there with her! They are still in their human forms when I look to them, but they’re ringing cowbells and being quite loud! You have a pretty spectacular cheering section in heaven!

Debra S. wants to know about Cinnamon, a living light brown dog that she rescued just over a year ago. Will she ever get over her separation anxiety from me? Nope. You have worked so hard your entire life and have always been the one who gets put behind the curtain. Cinnamon is your pride and joy, and she wants to be sure you know how amazing you are. She reacts that way so that you can feel needed and to validate that you ARE important. You both need (and deserve) a good spa day! You need to be pampered and she would love to hang out in a chilly dark room with air conditioning while you are. To get her to relax, use your voice, ask for what you need, and take time to celebrate YOU!

Cindy asked about Digger, a black and white dog. She had been taking care of her mom in assisted living when he just up and left. Well this is interesting! You know the saying, “It’s not you, it’s me?” That’s what I hear when I check in with Digger. You had so much on your plate and at the time you were juggling it all well but really did need to focus on your mom. I can’t see anything that physically happened to Digger, and I don’t see someone picking him up, either. I actually would be shocked if there were any sightings, too! You needed one area of your life to be alleviated, and that’s the gift he gave to you. No need to feel any guilt. It was a selfless act not intended to cause you any sadness or pain. I do think that he’s on the other side, but how he got there is nothing he’s willing to discuss.

Cheryl S. had Gordon, a grey schnauzer, deceased for one year. Is he with anyone, and is he okay. As soon as I read this, I see a taller, classy older man with him. When the man bends down, I’m worried about his balance, but Gordon knows how to actually be still for him. The man has strong hands with age spots, is mostly bald, but has a few wispy hairs that float around his head. He is showing me an anniversary card (I hope that makes sense to you), and he wants you to know he was with it until the end. I would love to sit on a park bench and listen to his stories- mother’s side, great grandfather energy.

Thank you to those of you who asked questions and to those of you who took the time to read this column! If you’re looking for a longer reading for you or a pet, you can go to the website and like us on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons.