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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Oct 01, 2018

I can’t believe it’s October! I do love the cooler nights, colorful leaves, and I can’t wait to go apple picking! I wrapped up the summer with a lot of readings and am always amazed by what your pups have to say. If you’re new to the column, I’m a psychic for people and pets. I can hear what your pet is thinking, feel what its body feels like and help you negotiate behaviors. The information I relay is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care or that of a dog trainer. The new format of this column seems to be getting positive feedback so I hope you enjoy some of the questions I received on my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizon Facebook page. Enjoy!

Lynn S. asked about Jackson, a male black Labrador. “What is he trying to tell me when he just stares at me?” Actually, I think that he’s waiting for you to talk! When I do a reading, I can feel what the animal is feeling and then it’s like I have a conversation in my head with him. First be open to any thoughts that flow through your head when he’s staring at you. Then talk to him in your head and see what his reaction is. If that doesn’t work, try thinking of a toy or an object when he stares at you, and then ask him to go get it without talking out loud. If you’re relaxed and open to the dialog, he should get it on the first try! He loves that you’re his and that you give him space when he needs it, and you ask him for love and cuddles when you need it.

Jean V. asked if Max, a husky shepherd mix, was abused before they got him. I hear a huge yes. I see him tied up to a truck, tree, or object and then “catching hell.” It wasn’t for anything he did, but the man who abused him would take out all of his anger and frustration on Max. He still feels like he has some PTSD, and he wants to tell you (and the readers) that not all wounds are physical. Sometimes the emotional trauma someone goes through is equally bad if not worse. You are doing a good job of giving him the opportunity to come out of his shell on his own terms.

Sheila A. asked about Montana, her husky. “How is he? He was the first dog I got, and I now have a dozen rescues in his honor. I got a new pup this last week, Tala. She is also white and feels like an old soul to me. Any insight on her?” This is a two part question. First, Montana showed you how resilient you are and also provided security and protection. Ultimately, you were in charge, and after he alerted you to a noise, it was up to you to decide how to approach the situation. He trusted you 100%. He is at peace and is a spirit animal for you now. Tala is like Montana but with more freedom and playfulness in her soul. She is going to test you! Let her spread her wings a bit, but keep her in check and remember that YOU are the alpha dog. She needs you to be, because she likes boundaries and rules when it is all said and done.

Michelle D. wants to know why Mason, a black lab, licks everyone constantly. This totally relates to your youngest daughter. She’s an empath who feels everything. Both she and Mason can feel people’s energy, and it’s not always comfortable. Mason is licking everyone to kind of get a feel for who he is. You and I use our eyes, ears, and dialog to do this. Your daughter just gets a feeling about someone without being able to put that reaction into words, and the dog licks the air around him and his skin to taste/feel the person.. This sounds funny, and I’m not an animal behaviorist, but when he thinks someone has too much energetic clutter around him, he tries to lick it off. I’m curious who he tends to lick the most and who he completely avoids!

Jess D. wants to know about Noel, a lab terrier retriever mix. “She’s a very picky eater and not eating too much lately, so I would like to know what she likes to eat.” I love these questions! First thing I get is McDonald’s cheeseburgers, the second thing, hot dogs, and the third, yogurt in a container with a lot left in it. When I tell her she can ask for everything she wants but may only get what’s good for her, her answers include scrambled eggs or white rice and hamburger with steamed diced carrots. I’m trying to get her to name a dog food, but she’s being a bit stubborn!

Kristy P. asks about Freddie (aka Fredricka) a blonde/tan Pomeranian. “How did she pass, and is she with my mom and her new puppy? Does she approve? My poor mom was heart broken when Freddie passed.” When I ask how she passed, I get pain in the right temple area of my head. My insides actually feel ok. I think it was sudden and unexpected. That makes me smile because she is so proud that she never had to suffer. She never could have! She was too delicate for that! She does approve of the new puppy, but she’s asking your mom to allow herself to love her with all her heart. She will never feel neglected or jealous; she was here to give your mom unconditional love. It’s now time for your mom to feel joy and peace.

Heather S. said that her dachshund Odie has been all over her now that she’s pregnant. Does he know about the baby and will he accept her? Oh my goodness I LOVE this! YES! He is so excited for the baby, but once she’s born he’ll leave you alone. Babies are the closest thing to heaven you can be around, and he’s absorbing all that beautiful, pure energy through your belly. Once she comes out and cries, he’ll be all set for a bit. LOL!

I love these questions and am so happy to have a chance to answer them. Autumn is a great time to get out with your pups and not get distracted swatting mosquitos, black flies, or wiping sweat from your brows. When you go for a walk, turn off your phone and actually BE in the moment with them. They’re pretty thrilled to have some time with you, and it’s a great opportunity for you to clear your mind as well. I’m looking forward to next month although that means snow isn’t far away. Did anyone else get excited at that?

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets who lives in Conway, NH. She is available for long distance readings or in her North Conway office. FMI or to book a reading go to