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Furry Words

Nov 01, 2018

Hello all! Thank you to everyone who submitted their dog questions to the Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons facebook page. I usually put out a request for them in the middle of the month, so if you’d like to be in the loop, give the page a like and act fast when you see the post. To do the mini reading, I asked for the name of the dog and color (to be sure I’m tuned in to the right one) and what you’d like to know. Here are the questions that I chose for the November edition of Furry Words:

Jennifer W. asked about Riggs, German Shepherd. How can I help you with your fears? The first thing I hear is Riggs needs consistency. It’s not so much about having things happen at the same exact time each day, but he likes to know that your consequences will be the same each time, that his food will be the same, that the house smells the same, etc. That being said, do you burn scented candles? He hates them, especially the dark green ones! My nose hurts just typing this! He says he doesn’t have a ton of anxiety, but he does keep “testing” to be sure you’re strong enough to protect him. He will do something just to get put in time out, and when that happens you’ve proven yourself to him again. Sounds strange, but I’m pretty sure my son did the same things in his preschool years!

Carol C. asked about Rosebud, a red pit bull foster. How can I help stop her from fighting with other dogs? Holy smokes, Rosebud likes fighting!!! She gets a raise out of them and that, in turn, fuels her energetically. Think about someone who has constant chaos in his life. He has this as a way to distract people from really getting to know him. Rosebud is doing the same technique. She doesn’t think she’s very smart or likable, and I’m letting her know she can be loved so much more if she lets herself be vulnerable. She wants to be sweet, but she’s spent so long being tough she has forgotten how to be. She would be a phenomenal mamma, so if there’s any way to give her some babies/toys to nurture, you may get to see the other side of her. She is a total love at her core, and she adores you.

Jessica A. has Scott, a white, brown, and black Jack Russell- why won't he eat his food without help? Because if you don’t help him, you don’t realize how much you’re needed. Ohhhhhhhh. Very interesting! You aren’t quite convinced of your own worthiness yet, so he’s asking for assistance to help you realize it. That makes me smile because if this clicks for you, he’ll joyfully go back to eating on his own!

Sarah M. had Lakota, a husky lab, black and white. He has passed away. Does he still follow me around? I laugh as I type this because he leads you, and in his words, “I’m no one’s follower!” But he really was, and I think he’s showing off for the column. You are doing a great job of chatting with him even though he’s passed, and he hopes you continue to do so. He just said WWLD, meaning What Would Lakota Do? If you’re unsure of a decision, feel free to chat with him, and he’ll help give you clarity. He loved his body, and I do still see him in it even in spirit form, so you may catch a glimpse of his in your periphery. Not all animals do that, and many just show up as a flash of light or a thought in your mind. You honored him very well, and he’s exceptionally grateful for all you did for him. He also just gave you a high five (or a high paw?). I wonder if you actually taught him this as a trick!

Sherri O. has Layla, red Min Pin. Is she happy that we adopted her, and what can we do to make her more comfortable around other people? YES!!! I get a huge jumping up and down YES!!!! She loves you and your people! This is a dog that talks in capital letters! It’s not that she’s uncomfortable around other people, it’s just that she doesn’t want to be picked up by them, and she’s afraid you’re going to leave her with them. Even if you just run into a store, she doesn’t want to be left alone. She has huge abandonment issues, but I think they’ll be super easy to overcome. Do you know those circular LED light up dog tags? If you put it on her and tell her, it’s a GPS tracker so you always know where she is, I think she’ll relax. Yes, this sounds crazy, but this is a normal request in my line of work! If she has a plaid fleece jacket, she’d love her initials embroidered on it, too, so people know she’s yours.

Erin asked about Reese, yellow lab. What is causing you to randomly fall down? Is your vision OK? Anything I can do to help you? As soon as I tap into Reese, I get a weird feeling over my right eyebrow and my right eye is blurry. My left one seems to see much better, and I want to squint my right eye a bit. I do think she’s working so hard to focus that she’s forgetting that her feet have to be coordinated, too. When I ask how you can help her, she says you have done all you can, and not to worry. She will go down as a dignified old woman. I get an image of Maya Angelou -classy wise, speaks up when she needs to but has tremendous inner peace.

Kayla R. has Sadie, a brown brindle lab mix. I want to know if she’s happy. We’ve had to make a lot of life changes in the last year, and she saw some pretty traumatic events. I just want to know that she’s ok or what she needs from me? I instantly get that she is super happy, and the traumatic events didn’t affect her personally. She was able to be of assistance and healing during and after them which gives her much peace. She isn’t asking for anything other than your time and love. It feels quite peaceful and serene. But then I just heard a Cheetos bag crinkle and she popped up and sat up at attention! I do believe she’s asking you to share your snacks! LOL!

Thank you to those of you who asked questions and to those of you who took the time to read this column! Just a reminder that all information given in a reading is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care. If you’re looking for a longer reading for your or a pet, you can go to the website and like us on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons.