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Furry Words

Nov 30, 2018

Welcome to December! Years ago when I started doing readings for pets, I couldn’t believe how many wanted their own stockings for the holidays. Some requested what I would consider cheap looking ones from the drug stores, and others expected one as fancy as what was hung for their owners. I know I don’t have to remind you to celebrate your pet this year, but ask them what they want, and be open to whatever thought or image pops into your head. They really are trying to tell you! Here are some of the questions I received for this edition of Furry Words. Enjoy!

Lisa R. asked about Hadley, a black lab, living. What can I do to help her anxiety? This is a dog who needs to feel needed, very much like a clingy friend who can’t figure out how to define who she really is without using the people she’s around as a frame of reference. I’m curious if you have a child because if you do, this dog is showing you a very amplified version of how the child feels about himself. When I ask how can you help them be more peaceful, I see a house decorated with pictures of family, and I hear stories of how the family rose up generation after generation. Obviously, it would be strange to decorate the doghouse like that, but tell her about her breed (and if she’s a mix, pick one of the smarter of the ones!) and tell her how smart she is and what her strengths are. She needs to know that she’s not the first dog to experience this life, but that she’s fully equipped to do so. Yes, I know this sounds totally nuts. Trust me when I say I’ve relayed much crazier answers that have worked!

Dawn H. has Maya, a German Shepherd. How can I help her anxiety? This dog feels it physically, and it becomes so uncomfortable!!! I get it’s a behavioral issue, and that she gets stuck on a thought, worries about it, keeps spinning it over and over in her head until she wants to rip her hair out. Actually, is she? I would talk to a vet about a way to stop that brain cycle. She has the potential to be so calm and loving, but it’s going to take the medical professionals to get her there.

Jen R. asked about Mya, a black/tan King Charles Cavalier who is three years old to find out about her separation anxiety and car sickness. When I ask about separation anxiety, I don’t feel anything like I did for the previous two dogs. I actually don’t feel any, but because she wants to show you/prove to you how much she loves you, it feels like she’s faking the symptoms, so you’ll feel more important. It’s backfiring because it’s making you worry, and I think she just got the message that she can drop the charade. As for the carsickness, that’s totally real! The slight side to side motion makes her feel terrible and messes with the inner ear. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dog say that! I hear the word vestibular issues, but I’m not medical, so you’ll have to ask a vet if that makes any sense. My right ear feels more clogged, and I think it’s coming from that side.

Kimberly W. is missing Crocket, a deceased yellow lab. “I miss him more than the moon, but if I could ask him, what do you miss most?” I have a soft spot for yellow labs, and my Sophie crossed over the rainbow bridge four years ago, so I totally empathize with your loss. You know those early spring days when the leaves have just come out, and it’s still chilly but the sun is getting stronger? He misses laying under the trees and being cooled by the earth and warmed by the sun. Crocket is quite deep, and I totally agree with him! Don’t be offended that he didn’t say he misses you. That is because he is always around you, and he hears you talking to him.

Katrina M. has Myah-jade, a black and white Old English Bulldog. She wants to know if she is happy and content and in any pain, and if in pain, what is something she would want for comfort? She is happy although she shows me this by giving me a huge smile versus jumping up and down, which to me shows true inner contentment. Is she in pain? My front right shoulder instantly gets a sharp pain in the joint. If she were a human, she’d be in physical therapy, but when I ask her what she wants, I get I need help with mobility of that area. Doggie massage, YES! Pain meds? I don’t like feeling droopy. CBD (the new things dogs have been asking for), NO. Water therapy? I chuckle when I say yes because I don’t know if bulldogs actually like water, but the pressure and cool water makes it feel good. She really is a loyal and dignified old lady!

Patti A. has Tobler, a chocolate lab, and wants to know if she is on the right track. Yes you absolutely are! Both of you are finding balance in your lives. If you go for a long walk one day, you go on a shorter one the next. If you stay up late, you get to sleep in the next morning. I have to give a huge congratulations to both of you for figuring that out! I do think that you’re intuitively listening to him and respecting his abilities that may shift from day to day. My left back knee just started to ache, so keep an eye on that!

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