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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Feb 01, 2019

We’re a month into the new year, and it’s always a great time to check in and see what your pet wants from you! I put the word out that I looking for dogs to read in this edition of Furry Words and within five minutes I had fifty eight messages! To anyone new to this column just a reminder that as a psychic, I can help you better understand what your four legged friends want, but my readings are never a replacement for licensed veterinary care.

Pam T. has “Hemingway,” a shelter dog where she volunteers. She wants to know if he’ll ever find his forever human and will it be soon? I’ll actually be surprised if he’s still there by the time this goes to print. He has so much to offer someone, and he is such a snuggle bug! He loves to lean on people, and he wants to find someone who needs reminding that this life is in fact worth living. I see him with a woman in her late 50’s, early 60’s, who needs an excuse to get outside and be social. He loves to be loved and to show love. He will probably balk at going out in extremely cold temperatures and if it’s raining, but he will very happily wear a weatherproof coat.

Aarone D. asked about Freya, a large breed puppy. What does she want to be when she grows up, and who does she think her person is? I want to sleep. This cracks me up because it really is the first thing she says to me! I love to be silly, but my body needs naps. She will happily go anywhere with you, but you may need to tell her you’re going some place fun for her to jump in the car. She would be very good at pulling a cart. She loves the rest of the family and your friends, but you’re the mom and the one she comes to when she’s hungry!

Sarah A. asked why her dog Chai hates her other dog Chula. Chai feels like she needs to prove her worth and that she’s as smart and driven as Chula. I think she is, but Chula has that swagger that true athletes have. He knows he’s got what it takes to be the best, and he doesn’t have to work as hard for it as Chai does. That really ticks her off!!! I asked her if she can be nicer to him and she said sure. She says you haven’t told them that they’re equals and to knock it off. I actually think she needs to hear that more than he does and, hopefully, resolving their power struggle will be as simple as that!

Debbie F. asked if Precious is still alive after going missing about 3 years ago. I get a no, and I don’t think she was alive very long after she disappeared. When people ask me these questions, I like to ask the animal what they need you to know. This is what I get. “I was the distraction you needed when you encountered other people. You are filled with just as much light and love as I was, but you thought that people were more drawn to me. That isn’t true. Don’t retreat back into your shell. You are meant to stand in your power and shine, shine, shine!” She wants you to know you are magnificent.

Deb asked how she can help Bella with her severe separation anxiety. Her answer is a first for me! She asked you to give her medicine and tell her that it will make her sleep and relax, but instead of REAL medicine, give her a placebo that actually does nothing to her physically. She needs the mind over matter approach, and if you tell her it’ll work (even if it’s a tic tac), she’ll believe you. You have to let me know if that works!

Claire G. asked if Buca is glad they buried her under her favorite tree? Is she mad that we took in Ozzie (another dog) when she was at the end of her life? Buca is beyond happy to be under that tree with no leash and not a care in the world! She loves that she gets to keep an eye on the family coming and going, too. You honored her beautifully. She wasn’t mad about Ozzie but is actually grateful that he demanded a lot of your attention because it gave her time to sleep. Her body was very worn out at the end, and as I type this, my left wrist is getting very sore. She was ready to go and appreciates all you did for her. She loved you the most she says like a human would if you said, “I love you,” and he said “I love you the most.” If a person in your life said that, he may be coming through to say hi to you…

Jesse M. asked if Ursa is happy and does she want a puppy? I am laughing because the dog just looked at me and said, “Seriously? Like they can’t SEE that I’m happy?!” I think that answers your question! I get a huge YES when I ask if she’d like a puppy. I think the two of them will have a blast roughhousing together.

Debbie A’s dog Reba is a black pom and is 13yrs old with some heart problems. How is she feeling? My throat gets really tight. My heart doesn’t hurt, but my airway feels as though it’s not as flexible as it used to be, and I’m starting to have some difficulty swallowing. My left hip just hurt so much I had to shift the way I’m sitting, so that means hers is sore, too.

I appreciate all of you sending me questions and taking the time to read the answers in this column. Did you know that you can do what I do? It’s true! I don’t actually HEAR the animals talk, but they show me images in my mind to help me communicate. Sometimes I’ll get a taste of a food or medicine in my mouth as a way to answer your questions, and other times my body will feel the way theirs does. It’s hard for me to read my own pets because I’m just too close to them, so if you want to practice, I suggest you go to a shelter and see what the animals there have to say. Always work in the light and make sure when you’re done you separate your energy from theirs. FMI or to schedule a longer reading, please go to and visit the Online Booking page.