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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Mar 04, 2019

This past week I have done readings for so many people with missing animals, dogs that are ready to cross the rainbow bridge, and surviving animals that the owners fear are missing a doggie companion on the other side. It has been amazing and rewarding from the psychic perspective to help these people find peace during what can be the most devastating part of life and to facilitate healing through communication with the animal’s spirit. My job is anything but normal, and I absolutely love that!

First, I have to tell you that when I do a reading for someone in mourning or sobbing through the call, I have to check out emotionally. Believe me, my heart aches for each and every one of you, but I would be completely ineffective if I allowed myself to feel your pain during the call. This allows me to deliver messages about end of life decisions, missing animals that I don’t feel are still alive, or things that I know may be hard to accept. A few times I’ve shed some tears or choked them back, but it’s rare, and it allows me to do my job. I do my best to wrap the sadness with compassion and offer insight into the lessons being presented to you through whatever it is you are experiencing.

Something else I have to tell you is that your animals don’t fear death. I haven’t met any who have said otherwise, and they are so excited to “go home” when it’s their time that they are surprised and sometimes offended when you ask them if they forgive you for assisting the process. Yes, I just said offended. From their perspective, they have fulfilled their life purpose. It may have been a short journey, or in the case of one client I just read, a long journey of 17 years of companionship with her Chow. But when it’s their time, they are grateful to be free of aching bodies and illness. Some who just simply can’t integrate after all options have been exhausted are also all right when they are able to be free from the frustrations of this world. That being said, if they aren’t ready, they are more than happy to let you know that, too! Luckily, for both of us, they will tell you what approach to take, and then you can work with the trainers and veterinarians to formulate a plan. When you ask me, “Does my dog forgive me for putting them down,” the dog’s reaction is usually confusion because he can’t understand why you would think it was a bad thing. The dog is grateful to be free. Always.

The other popular question is, “How will I know he’s around?” This varies from dog to dog (and human spirit to human spirit), but more often than not, he does stick around energetically and makes visits to say hello. I love helping you figure out his signs! Sometimes one shin or foot may get tingly or warm, and that’s a dog’s spirit sitting there as if he were alive. A whoosh of goosebumps also is indicative of energy around you. Random toys showing up in the middle of the floor or on a table can be a gift from him. One of my favorites is when a surviving dog or cat is comfortably snuggled on a bed and suddenly wakes up, gives you a look like, “Did you see that?” and then gets up and walks away slightly annoyed because the spirit dog has decided it wants to give his old bed a try. Some of you may actually see a flash or think you saw him and you probably did! If you wake up because you heard his bark, say good morning to him. He is letting you know he is all right.

The bottom line is animals are grateful for the time they got to spend with you and will probably choose to check in with you from the afterlife. It’s a beautiful place, and yes, they will be there to greet you when your time comes. They can hear you when you talk out loud to them or in your head. I can certainly help you figure out how to “hear” their side of the conversation if you can’t. For animals, death is simply a continuation of life, and they never fear it. Time there is different from ours, so when you ask if they miss you, I can almost guarantee the answer is, “Why would I miss you? I’m right here and I’ll see you soon!”