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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Apr 01, 2019

We’re heading to warmer days and no more snow! Hard to believe that because as I write this my yard is still buried under a few feet of it, but I know many dogs who can’t wait to run on bare ground again! In the meantime, here are some reader questions about their dogs. Just a reminder that a reading isn’t a replacement for licensed veterinary care. All medical insight is coming from a purely psychic perspective. Enjoy!

Jen H. wants to know about her pup Bailey and his past. When I ask about it, I see lots of colors flashing by him. I think it was much more chaotic than living with you, and he never really knew where he was supposed to be or what his role was in the household. He felt like an afterthought. He doesn’t seem to have any ties to his past now, though, and he’d be pretty ticked off if you treated him differently because of it.

Sue O. had Harvey who is deceased. “Does he still visit my granddaughter?” Oh my goodness, yes. She looks so angelic when she’s sleeping! I feel like I’m looking at the original Gerber baby with the precious round face. Harvey is an old soul who had depth in his eyes. He reminds me of a great grandfather who has lived a very full life and simply enjoys being around his family. I’m curious if you knew your grandfather or your great grandfather on your father’s side. It’s like part of his spirit came back as Harvey, and he simply loved (and still loves) being around family! If you have blue orbs in any of your pictures, it’s him saying hello. Harvey’s so peaceful- I could sit with his energy all day!

Lynn G. asked about Laddie her deceased Male English Setter. “I would like to know if he’s happy and why he left the fenced yard and why he didn’t leave the train tracks when the train came flying by.” These are never easy experiences to wrap our heads around, and I know the pain that comes from a sudden devastating loss. That being said, he was ready to go “home” to the other side. He came to you to make sure you were back on track. Laddie liked structure and routine. He got you back into one, and when that was accomplished, he felt that his job here was complete. I think he visits every now and then while you’re sleeping, but he’s spending the majority of his time in heaven waiting for the day you reunite.

Kendralee has Marley, and she’s wondering which family member she wants to live with. The choices are: Mom, Dad, Ben or Kendralee, Jon, Savannah or Noah. As soon as I started reading this, I heard Dad. When I ask why, it’s because he seems to have spring in his step right now, and she feels as though she’d make a great pal for him. Mom has too much on her plate. Ben is great to visit with but isn’t in dog owner mode at the moment. Same goes for you! Jon isn’t smooshy enough, and Savannah makes Marley want to snuggle up even on a warm day in the blankets and nest, but she’d get chunky. She needs more exercise than that. And I feel like even if she’s with dad, she’d still get plenty of Noah time. “If I go back and forth between houses, I want my bed to go with me please!”

Sue O. asked if she did the right thing for Tux who is on the other side. 100% and no regrets is what I just heard. I feel like I’m talking to an older marine who served with passion, awareness, and completion. He says thank you for taking on the decision to help him cross. He knows it’s never easy but he’s grateful that you were confident enough to let him go. It was his time.

Beth M. said, “My current dog, Wyeth, is an almost 2 year old Rough Collie. I'd love to know if he's happy being my one on one dog or if he'd like a Collie or Corgi fur-sibling.” I have a HUGE smile on my face right now! What a ridiculously happy dog! He’s showing me his gorgeous white teeth and his butt and his entire sexy body as he puts it! If he were a human, he’d be like most of Vince Vaughn’s characters. He is fine being the only one at the moment, but a Corgi would be his choice if you get a sibling. In his opinion, the Collie would be too insecure, which is why he picked a Corgi. He’s in this life for fun and play and the two of them are going to be hysterical together!

Jane K. asks, “My dog Romi is 2 1/2. Why does he bark and lunge at some people when they come in the house but to others he is friendly and sweet? He is a rescue Maltese mix.” He is so tired of people taking advantage of you! You have the ability to grit your teeth and get through anything, but you really don’t have to surround yourself with people who drain you energetically. He is trying to show you the people that do that to you. Once you are aware of it, bubble yourself up energetically- you can imagine light surrounding you, call in God, Angels, or whatever feels right for you- and then he shouldn’t have to be your emotional bodyguard. I asked him if he’d like a reward for his efforts, and I see twisty cinnamon treats. I think maybe from Taco Bell? I have no idea what they are, but they’re definitely people food! Make sure cinnamon is ok for him first!

Julie L.’s dog Tesla was very traumatized as a puppy. “Is she is feeling safe with us?” I get a yes but that she’s still very aware of how quickly things can go downhill. She’s comparing it to living in the Midwest where there are tornadoes, then moving to the Northeast where they don’t happen often, but if the sky grows dark, it is a trigger. When I ask what would make her feel more secure, I hear a white noise machine and lots and lots of snuggles. She is the absolute perfect dog for you. Julie, you are very grounded, and that’s why people want to be near you. Try to ground Tesla by imagining her feet solidly on the earth, and she should be more confident.

Lynne D. wants to know if Roxi is experiencing any stomach or gastric issues? If so, how can she help her? Ugh. As soon as I read this, my upper belly feels funky and hot. I hear yes to stomach, not to gastric issues. She’s asking for probiotics to balance her gut bacteria. Those are her words, so ask a vet if that makes sense. She’s very sensitive to any changes in diet or medication, and she needs some help to get back to feeling 100%.

Before I go, I want to thank all of you for submitting questions and for your referrals. Not long ago I’d be ramping up for spring and summer events where I’d spend my days on the road, but now I can’t with my son’s sports schedule. I’m still available for office and long distance readings though! FMI or to schedule, please go to and visit the Online Booking page.