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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | May 01, 2019

I do believe spring has FINALLY sprung, and it’s a time to celebrate the earth’s return to life and growth, and also the perfect time to get outside with our four legged friends. In keeping with past editions, I asked readers what they’d like to know from their dogs. Just a reminder, a reading is never a replacement for licensed veterinary care. I hope you enjoy what these pooches have to say!


Stacy W’s dog’s name is Chassie. She is a rescue lab mix who is one and a half years old. She's always been wonderful since we got her at 4 months, but she likes to find things to chew as soon as we leave her home alone. Stacy wants to know why she does this, and can they get her to stop? It’s actually funny because I see Chassie gnawing on things and at the same time, watching to see if you see what she’s doing. I do think she’s doing it for attention. She needs to know that the way she’s going about it isn’t good for any of you. She isn’t regretting her behavior at all, but she wants you to focus on the good in YOUR life. You do seem to give more weight to things that didn’t go as you had hoped vs celebrating the wins. Interesting….


Cassandra W is picking out a new Australian Shepherd puppy in a few weeks and wants to know how she’ll know which one is meant for her. I just saw an image of a sweet pup falling asleep in your arms. She is playful but very well balanced. She likes the crate or having her own time out space and will sleep until it’s time for a walk. I’m seeing a larger puppy, and she has a dreamy, far away look in her eyes. I also see a blue ribbon around her collar, so if they’ve used that as a way to identify them, I bet that’s the one you take home!


Julie P has two labs named Gracie and Bandit. “Is there anything that I can do to make them more comfortable around children?” Gracie hates them! They’re unfamiliar to her, and they’re like wind up toys that have run out of juice and then start up again and surprise her. Right when she thinks it’s safe to go sniff them, they move again. Bandit doesn’t mind kids as much but is definitely a bachelor who is used to his own space. Picture a 50 or 60 year old man who never had kids, doesn’t have family, and prefers it quiet. That’s how I see him! How can you help them be more comfortable around them? Bandit likes treats. I smile as I say that, because if you treat him, he’ll suck it up. Bandit is also smart and can do tricks, which he’ll happily do to show off to the kids and, of course, be rewarded with food! Gracie prefers to have her own space. She likes to watch them, but with a barrier between them.


Elise B. asked about Bretty who is deceased “I am so broken without you. Help me go on. Can you help me?” I think everyone can relate to the grief one feels with the loss of a beloved pet. Bretty was here to show you who you were meant to be. You were meant to shine, baby- her words, not mine. You are worthy of being treated with respect, and if you fall down, you’re worthy of someone helping you back up, brushing you off, and hugging you until you feel ready to move forward again. I don’t think you’ve had many people help you this way, and she showed you unconditional love- which you are not only worthy of, you are entitled to. She wants you to remember that, and I actually hear, “Stick that in your cap and wear it proudly.” When you remember you’re amazing and see yourself through her eyes, you’ll attract amazing people and opportunities to yourself.


Christina P would like to know what her dog thinks will help her with her extreme fear of just about everything. She is a rescue. Whoa. Everything she sees is new to her. I don’t think she’s been around before, and this world and everything in it is unfamiliar. You are a great teacher, Christina, and she’s here, so you can show her the world through your eyes. Tell her where you’re going and what to expect. Let her know why people behave a certain way and what certain noises are. I actually think she’s going to come back as a person who will have a huge impact on the world, and she needs your deep level of awareness to kind of get a crash course on humanity. I know that may sound a bit nuts, but it’s what I hear from her!


Shannon W had Rocky, a Shepard/ retriever mix and the best dog ever. “Will I ever have another as beautiful a soul as his? Is he happy?” I do think you’ll have another dog that will be amazing but in a very different way. Rocky had confidence and intensity. He knew what he brought to the table, but he was also very kind and gentle with people or animals who weren’t as sure of themselves as he was. Yes, he is super happy, and I see him sitting and panting with his super long tongue hanging out! My mouth waters as I type this, which cracks me up!


Ashley R wants to know why her rescue dog spins, kicks dirt, and then chases after it while barking at it obsessively? Holy smokes, this dog is a ball of energy! First answer I get is he didn’t have anyone else to play with, and he thought he was entertaining the people who had him originally. He’s tired now and wants to stop the behavior but has no idea how. It feels frantic and obsessive. I’m actually hearing that you should talk to your vet about a way to break him of the habit, and medication may be prescribed for a week or two to get him to unwind and release the urge to do that. He makes my throat feel tight, too. I wonder if he had a collar on before that was too tight?


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