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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | May 16, 2019

We made it to June!!! I’m so excited to see flowers and leaves on trees again! This is the time of year I really miss having my own dog. My yellow lab, Sophie, passed about four years ago, and she was the best hiking and camping companion. She’d happily hang out by the fire, was quiet when people walked by camp, and she kept me safe and warm while snuggled in my tent. Right now, I have cats, and it’s just not the same, but I know someday soon I’ll have the time and money to add another pup to the mix. I put a call out for your dog questions and am happy to share what they had to say! Standard disclaimer still applies: I am not a veterinarian, and any medical information relayed is only coming from the psychic perspective.

Lynn S’s dog Piper is on the other side. “Does she let us know she is still around?” I get a yes she does, but it’s very subtle. I get an image of you sitting quietly at dusk in a room with a soft pink light. It’s in those moments when all of your loved ones in Heaven say hello, including Piper. I feel your maternal grandmother’s energy more strongly than hers, and she has a sense of pride because you are living a truly peaceful life. Piper is more just peeking into your world for a quick visit and then floating back up to Heaven.

Jenn M has Dani Girl Maverick, an 11 year old black lab they adopted at two after her owner passed. She wants to know what they can do to make her happy. I’m laughing so hard as I type this because I want to answer your question, but I instantly got an image of her farting in her sleep, waking up because of the smell, and looking at you like, “What the heck was THAT?!” She isn’t bothered enough to move, but the visual totally makes me laugh! When I ask her to answer your question, I don’t get a specific answer other than you’re doing it all perfectly and don’t sweat the small stuff. My back top right molar is sore, so next vet visit, have them take a look in there. She really isn’t asking for anything! Yes, that can make for a boring response, but it’s ideal because it means you’re tuned in to her needs, and she has all she could ever want. I do love being able to tell you that.

Jeannie F has Layla who is a brindle Boxer. “Does she know she is home and safe?” ABSOLUTELY! She answers you in capital letters, too! She says she knew right away she was yours because you spent money on big ticket items for her, which no one had ever done for her before and anyone who had plans on being a temporary foster wouldn’t have done that. Your home is safe, comfortable, bright (her favorite part), and has a playful energy in it. I think she was kept in someone’s finished basement with only a little natural light coming in. She says the dampness of it gave her some allergy symptoms, but they feel like they’ve resolved since being with you. She would happily wear a fake yellow sunflower on her collar if you want her to. She shows me this by pointing to what some people have on the antenna of their cars, so they can find it in a parking lot.

Ashley R’s dog Tug is a Rottie mix rescue. “Why does he kick the dirt and spin in circles and try to chase it? He’s obsessed with doing it, and people now call him the circle dog.” There’s a lot going on with Tug. I think he came from a super busy home, maybe not with a lot of other dogs but with plenty of people coming and going. This was overstimulating for him, so he found a behavior that in essence creates the feeling of white noise. He hates this behavior but doesn’t have another coping mechanism. He’s asking you to talk to a vet about finding a way to help him stop. I see him being sedated/relaxed for a week or two, and at the end, if he starts to spin, you offer other options (fetch, sitting, following commands, etc) and positive reinforcement to show him he’s awesome! I’m not a dog trainer or vet, but this is his suggestion.

Tricia H asked why Araa, a black pit mix is so nervous riding. The first thing I see is you feeling so free in your car! You roll the windows down, sing along to the radio, check your hair in the rearview mirror, and wave at people you know, etc. Araa is a rule follower to the letter, and this completely stresses her out. I feel like she would be the grumpy driving instructor saying, “Two hands on the wheel! Use your turn signal!” You feel like a safe driver, but Araa would rather be in a crate in the back and unaware of your free spirit while on the road. She, of course, said all of that with a very serious face.

Johnny S asked if Dixie, who is on the other side, checks in on Jordan. Not as much as I’d like to say she does. Jordan is a totally different energy than Dixie, who had more focus and drive. Jordan is more lazy and can’t be bothered with things that don’t interest her. She checks in on you, though, and because you think of her often, it feels like a very two way conversation.

I could answer your questions all day, but it’s baseball season for my middle schooler, and I’m heading out to watch another game. If you’d like to schedule a reading or would like more information, please go to and visit the Online Booking page.