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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Jul 01, 2019

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer and that your pups are romping in the woods and cooling off in the lakes, rivers, and ocean. I’ve been having so much fun reading both people and pets lately. I put the call out on the Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page for your questions and within five minutes I had more than I could squeeze into this column, so I’ll answer as many as I can for you. Just a reminder that a psychic reading is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care.


Janet K. wants to know if Leo, an 11 month old Yorkie, loves being a part of their pack? I get a huge smile on my face when I chat with Leo followed by a resounding, YES! He loves that he’s no longer in the hot seat, and he spends a lot of time observing what the other dogs do before jumping into the mix. He doesn’t feel super confident yet, but that is about to change. I see him being a bit fresh but in a very silly way. If he wants to exert his dominance, he does it when everyone is trying to sleep and part of him has to be touching or on top of another dog. He’s showing me what pups look like when they’re nursing, and one keeps trying to climb to the top of the pile. He feels like a perfect addition to your pack!


Heather S. asked if Odie, a black dachshund, is feeling left out since they brought home a baby 11 weeks ago? What does he think about her? He gives me such a funny look, like that’s a silly question. He feels proud of how well he’s rolled with it, and he’s also impressed that he can stay out of everyone’s hair when you’re tired or overwhelmed. I don’t think having her around has affected him much at all! When I ask how he feels about her, I hear, “Indifferent.” That is actually good!


Katie O. has Bodie the Golden Doodle who is 5 months old. She’s wondering how he's adjusting in the household. I actually see such a happy, playful, and eager pup when I look at Bodie. He says you’ve got tons of patience and when you realize he doesn’t know something (a command or what an object is), you’re very good at explaining it to him, giving him much more confidence that he picked the right person. LOL! He’s taking credit for picking you not the other way around.


Lisa V. has a black lab named Kodiak. She asked, “Is he happy being the lone pup, or would he like to share his home with another?” He LOVES being the lone pup! Holy smokes, he’s super clear about that. He likes the quiet and more dogs or people would be overwhelming to him. If you do get another, I think that dog may need some days at doggie day care to get its crazies out and burn some energy before coming home in the afternoon.


Liz has Brina, a brindle plot hound mix. “Why do you have to act like Cujo when we see other dogs out on walks!?” Her answer is very interesting. Brina doesn’t think that you have the internal fortitude to protect her if she lets her guard down. You’ve had plenty of people walk all over you, and you are only just now starting to speak up for yourself. She is in your life for you to stand in your power, remove the energy vampires in your life, and to celebrate just how awesome you are. I keep wanting to tell you to SHINE! Shine your light! She’s giving you some tough love, but she thinks you’re amazing.


Tricia H. has a black and white Pitbull named Araa. “Why does she have such anxiety when we leave?” Tricia, you do such a good job of standing in your power (you could teach Liz how to do this better), but when you leave, Araa doesn’t have you there to ground her. This makes her feel like the world is off its axis a bit. This is going to sound strange, but stand in your house and imagine light and love flowing through you, up from your feet and out through your heads, arms, and legs. I see the image of the tree of life as I tell you this. Then let that light/love/energy fill your house. Picture “anchoring” it to all the corners, and I think when she’s left alone, she’ll feel much more safe and secure.


Katherine C. asked about Mahoney and simply wants to know what goes on in your head? This is a great question, and I’m laughing so hard at his response! I see him having an inner dialog all the time. The image I see is of Bill Murray in Caddyshack mumbling to himself as he wages war on the gopher on the golf course. I don’t think that Mahoney is exceptionally smart, but he sure is hysterical!


Sarah L’s dog Jasmine was a chocolate lab who has crossed the rainbow bridge. She wants to know if she is happy and no longer in pain. ABSOLUTELY! She held on as long as she could for you, and she really did fight to stay here as long as possible. I see her fully surrendering when she knew it was finally her time to go, and she’s so grateful that you had come to terms with the decision. You didn’t wait too long and know that she’s pain free and resting peacefully on the other side.


If I didn’t answer your question or you’d like to learn more about what was relayed, feel free to schedule a reading at on the Online Booking page. As always, I offer a discounted Rescue Readings for animals that have been rescued. The more you know about them, the more you can help them adjust to being a part of your pack!