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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Aug 01, 2019

Can I tell you how much I miss having a dog? I have cats, but it’s just not the same. The upside is I get to live vicariously through you when you come in for a psychic reading or as I answer your questions for this Furry Words column! I do get to hear from mine in heaven, but oh what I would give for one more snuggle. I asked for your dog questions on my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page and did mini readings on as many as I could. Here’s what your pups had to say.

Anne S. asked about George, who is still living. “Why is he so fearful when people come into our house? It’s nonstop barking!” He gets so excited, and he wants to talk with all of you! It’s so funny because he shows me an image of being at my relatives. People were always coming and going and it was LOUD for me. They all want to be noticed and part of the conversation. He thinks he’s just chiming in. When I ask how can we get him to stop, I see you giving him an extra fancy bandanna that he wants to show off, but he has to be quiet for people to get close to him. Sounds a bit odd but it’s worth trying!

Jeri M. has Murphy, and she wants to know about his leg. First thing I heard was take it off. He doesn’t need it. He sort of does, because from what he’s showing me, he’s not a little dog, but from his perspective, it’s just slowing him down and more trouble than it’s worth. Standard disclaimer is I’m not a veterinarian, so talk this over with him or her obviously!

April D. wants to know “Why Rebel is so aggressive to other 4 leggers? Is she bored? Is she mad we moved her from sunny California to cold and humid NH?” Holy smokes, YES she’s bored!!! She needs brain games. You are doing a great job of exercising her, but she needs you to wear out her mind as much as her physical body. She doesn’t care one bit where she lives as long as you’re there with her. Awwww! That’s so sweet! I actually think she is enjoying this cooler climate.

Tracy M. asks if Justice is feeling better and what would make him more comfortable? Yes he is feeling much better. I get a pain in my left hip, but I’m hearing that the forced rest and relaxation is helping tremendously. I also feel that it forced you to take some time off, too, which was fantastic for you as well!

Donna C. has Hans, living. “Is he in more pain than he is showing from his glaucoma?” No, I don’t get that he is. My belly just felt yucky, however. Is he on medication for it? If so, the pain meds make him feel a bit nauseous, and without it his eyes feel more dry and irritated than painful. Hans has always relied so much on his sense of hearing that I don’t think glaucoma is affecting him the same way a person or animal that used sight as their primary sense would.

Kelly G. has Sabrett and wants to know why he barks a lot. I get a HUGE smile on my face with Sabrett and hear him say very quietly and smugly, “Because I can.” You tend to put up with a lot from other people, and it’s time for you to put your foot down and tell them to knock it off. They’re asking for you to set boundaries for both you and them. Your life will be so much better if you figure out how to do that, and you’ll be much more respected in the long run. Sabrett will validate that you’re doing well by barking a whole lot less.

Elizabeth C. asked if Jake lead her to Henry? Absolutely. You needed love and to be understood. You hold your cards close to your chest and only let people you really trust into your inner circle. Henry is a sexy beast (I’m laughing because I have no idea if he’s a dog or man), but he always has your best interest in mind. If you need a nap, they make sure you get it. If you need fun, they act ridiculously silly! Jake is pretty darned proud of himself!

Ailsa M. wants to know what makes my dog Zoey the happiest? Zoey loves doing the zoomies! She doesn’t need a huge amount of space, but I’m seeing a long and narrow fenced in back yard. The fence is made of a black metal and every time she zooms by you she loves that you reach out and pretend to try to smack her on the butt. She feels like she is flying and it feels amazing!

Kimberly W. lost their black Lab Boone. “We'd like to know what happened to her the day she died. She was fine and then just wasn't.” As soon as I read your question, my airway got super tight. My chest feels warm, too, like blood is slowly spreading through my chest cavity. From what she’s showing me, it feels like an aortic aneurysm. There wasn’t any sharp pain, but I feel her spirit left her body before the body completely shut down. She still peeks in the windows! Actually, I see her reflection looking out a window from the couch with her on the inside. If you ever think you see her, it’s because her spirit is always near.

Thank you to all of you who submitted questions! If I didn’t answer your question or you’d like to learn more about what was relayed, feel free to schedule a reading at on the Online Booking page. As always, I offer a discounted Rescue Readings for animals that have been rescued. The more you know about them, the more you can help them adjust to being a part of your pack!