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Pet Cremation

By Ardys Goodine, Owner of Ashes to Ashes Pet Crematory | Aug 01, 2019

The loss of a companion pet as we all know can be sudden and unexpected, or we have an aging pet and know the “decision” is going to have to be made to end the suffering. We started our business to fill a need for local and compassionate pet cremation and timely closure for pet owners.

Some customers choose to make pre-arrangements stating their wishes and the service they want for their pet; they also get to meet the person performing the cremation and see the facility. It provides some peace of mind and comfort.

If your pet is euthanized at your veterinarian’s office, you still have the choice on where your pet is cremated. Your pet can be picked up by the crematorium you choose, or if you prefer, you can transport your pet to the facility.

At home euthanasia performed by your veterinarian is another option we see more now. After the procedure, the pet can be picked up at the owner’s home by a crematory operator or brought to the facility by the owner.

We have found from talking to our customers, knowing about us before they had to make a decision to euthanize made things a little less bewildering and painful and gave them some peace. We offer them one on one care from the beginning to a few days later when they return to pick up the ashes. Our customers are so grateful knowing their furry family member was truly handled with compassion and respect. So when asked how can you do this type of service, this is why, it helps heal the heart.

It’s important for people to know that they do have choices; it’s not a subject that one wants to talk about or even think about prior to needing the service. We have met the most wonderful caring people. We truly enjoy hearing about the lives of their pets and how the pets affected their lives sharing their unconditional love with them and being part of the family.

After a lifetime of companionship and unconditional love, our pets deserve our compassion and respect for their end care.