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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Sep 01, 2019

August was a surreal month for me.  I spent a week with my dad and my thirteen year old son in my childhood home and playing in the pool.  I had no specific reason for the visit, other than I felt that it was important. Two days later, I got the call that my 73 year old father had a massive heart attack.  His death was immediate, and since then, life has been a blur.  I’m grateful for all of your support, words of encouragement, and the opportunity to tap into the heavens and continue to do readings but with a slightly modified schedule.  Knowing that he reunited with his wife of 32 years and his beloved black lab, Lucy, gives me great comfort.  I just felt the need to share that with you before I get to your readings!  Remember that psychic insight is never a replacement for licensed veterinary care.


Jen H. asked about Bailey, a rescue Chihuahua who is aggressive to anyone besides "the family". “Does this have to do with where he came from before us? How can we help him with his anxiety and aggression?” I get a huge yes that his behavior is from his past when he had to prove that he was tough enough to avoid getting picked on by the other dogs and people in the home.  If he nipped at them, they’d leave him alone.  He HATES being this way but knows nothing else.  I think a good dog trainer would help tremendously!


Lisa L. wants to know why Dottie barks at her when she goes swimming.  Oh my goodness! As soon as I read this, I think back to Lucy, my dad’s dog!  Whenever my mom would swim, she’d run along the edge of the pool and even fell in once or twice by accident.  They both think that they’re being the lifeguards, and every time you put your face in, she thinks you’re drowning.  When I asked how you can get her to stop, I see her swimming with a lifejacket on.  That seems to help her understand buoyancy!


Marcia W. has a rescue named Max.  They’ve had him about 6 years, and he never shows affection, but is just 'here' and seems to be ok with it. They wonder if they can help him before he passes over.  He is very much ok with his role in this life.  He’s an observer, but with no reaction or attachment to what’s going on around him.  He does love you, but if he were a person, he would be the same exact way. Just before I went to move on to the next question he said that you are “doing him well.”  When I read a person similar to him, that person is usually getting his bearings and already planning for his next go round.  By getting a lay of the land, so to speak, he can have a follow up life and be more effective in making change or helping his soul evolve.


Melissa B wants to know where her yellow lab Sandy, who has passed, most liked to live. I see huge mountains!  I have no idea if you ever lived in Colorado or a place like that, but that’s what I see.  It’s beautiful and the colors are all shades of violets, greens, and browns.


Nicole C asked Diana, who is deceased, if she was happy even though they lived in an abusive situation.  Her reply is that she’s happier now that you’re free of it.  If you ever find yourself in one again, she is going to start making her energetic presence known!  I think you’re safely on the right track, but she’s wagging her finger at you telling you that she’s still got her eyes on you.  And yes, she’s thrilled to see you where you are today.


Kelley R. asked if Buddy is feeling ok?  He gives me a low headache, the kind I get when my eyes are tired. I just realized mine are itchy as I type this.  Feels like he’s affected by dusts or allergens.  His legs are a bit tired, but he feels good overall!


Janine E. wants to know if her dog Jackson thinks she did the right thing.  I get a huge yes, but he shows me that as a grinning yellow emoji.  I also see lots of little feathers, like the kind that fall off of chickens, all around you as signs that he’s ok.


Brian G’s dog Daisy passed two years ago. “Is she doing okay?”  As soon as I type this, my front left shoulder is sore.  She isn’t in pain now, but before she passed, I believe she was. That being said, she’s doing great!  I get an image of a huge ball pit filled with yellow tennis balls which to her represents pure bliss.


Abigail L. wants to know why her dog Robin is so protective of her 8 month old. Your child has a lot of energy around!!  All good, but your entire lineage of people who have crossed over are rooting for this child.  I don’t know if you had a tricky pregnancy, but they are making sure she gets all she needs and grows up healthy and strong.  She will be a game changer of an adult!


Bobbie C. asked about Dusty, deceased. “Does he think I did the right thing when I put him down?” If Dusty was a human, you’d see him with his hand on his hip, asking you what the heck you’re thinking because you really had no other choice.  I don’t know if you ever saw the movie Moonstruck, but I believe it’s Cher who slaps Nicholas Cage on the cheek and says, “Snap out of it!”  That’s to you from Dusty.  LOL!


If I didn’t answer your question or you’d like to learn more about what was relayed, feel free to schedule a reading at on the Online Booking page.  As always, I offer a discounted Rescue Readings for animals that have been rescued.  The more you know about them the more you can help them adjust to being a part of your pack!