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Furry Words

Oct 01, 2019

How is it October already? I feel like I missed summer, which I sort of did because of the death of my father the end of July. Luckily I love autumn! You can walk your dogs on beaches again, be outside without dealing with bugs and excessive heat, and we get to wrap ourselves in cozy layers. I do believe it’s my favorite season actually! This month I put the call out for your dog questions, and of course I had more questions than I can fit in Furry Words, but here are the first ones who responded.


Tiffany N. wrote in about Aimee, who is deceased. “Do you know I’m sorry?” When I read your question, I see a dog who is bouncing all around without a care in the world. I honestly don’t think she even knows what emotion you’re feeling because she is so joyful! Have you seen the movie Elf? His innocence and playfulness are pure, just as it was with Aimee. What I do hear is for you to find peace in your heart. She represented all that you had wanted to find in a person, but your heart wasn’t ready for that, but now it is. Let her carry the torch for you and allow light and love to flow freely through you.


Nicholas A. wants to know about his dog Hula. “After being with us for a few years now, does she have anything she still wants us to know?” This dog is absolutely hysterical to talk with. I think in pictures, and the image I see is like a student sitting down in class because it’s time for show and tell and the student is so excited he can barely sit still. That being said, when Hula first came into your family, it was a bit overwhelming. She wasn’t used to so many people, but within a month she knew she was always going to be safe and LOVES her life! You are so funny, kind, sweet, and gentle. I think all of your friends know that but when you hear it from your dog, it really means something, right?


Stephen S. asked why Noodle wants to go outside so badly. Noodle feels more like a cat to me. He wants to go out, but then come back in. If he’s out, he wants YOU out. There isn’t anything he thinks he’s missing outside, but he just wants to go out just to be sure. This is going to sound a bit nuts, but I feel like you have energy watching your house from the tree line. It’s all good! When I need validation, I see a hawk. When I am in the midst of change and need to know it’s all good, I see a great blue heron. When I see an owl, I know that my elders are keeping their eyes on me. I feel like the owls are just observing and that you’re doing great on your journey.


Marie P. had Lady, who is deceased. “Is she happy? I hope she knows how much she was loved. Sometimes I feel guilty because she could be a pain in the butt.” She knew she was loved and also knew she drove you crazy at times, too. She says that you wouldn’t know what to do if every aspect of your life was smooth sailing, and she hopes you find that. Yes, she is happy and at peace!


Kristy O. wants to know how they can help Bugsy with his anxiety. Bugsy loves silence. Instead of sitting with the television on, try sitting peacefully for 30 minutes with him. Try to align your breathing with his. He is here to ground you, but you don’t like being grounded! I get it- I’d rather be floating on the waves vs. having my feet on the earth. If you fall asleep with the television on, try cutting back on it. It will help him tremendously!


Darlene S. wants to know what Karma loves best about his life. First thing I hear is that moment when he realizes he’s going for a walk, and you grab the leash. I see him trying to help you by grabbing the leash as it dangles loosely by his neck. It’s super exciting!


April P. had Penny, who is on the other side. “Does she forgive me for what I did? I loved her more than I loved myself, and it killed me to put her down. She was my everything.” Penny is beyond grateful that you helped her cross. As I typed this, my chest and throat got so tight. It was hard for her to breathe at the end, and the light was a blessed sight for her. Those are definitely not my words, but hers. I also hear, “Please forgive yourself. It was the most compassionate act you could ever have done, and I am eternally grateful.”


Jessica K. has Belvedere and asked if he knows he is sick? Yes. He looks so guilty when he chats with me. He says that everything is finally going smoothly for you (the image showing me that is a plane that is leveling off after ascending) and when he leaves, there will be one missing puzzle piece. Then he smiles and asks you, “What are you going to put there instead?” I’m smiling, too. You need joy!!! Do something joyful when he passes away to honor him and how he’s been by your side through thick and thin.


Lisa C. wants to know why Luna’s legs tremble? I’m not a veterinarian, but it feels like the nerve coverings in her body are missing some of their protective layer. I hear that it’s similar to Multiple Sclerosis in a human. When I ask can you make it better, I get a yes, so talk to your vet and see what he or she has to say.


Just a reminder that a psychic reading is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care. If I didn’t answer your question, or you’d like to learn more about what was relayed, feel free to schedule a reading at on the Online Booking page. As always, I offer a discounted Rescue Readings for animals that have been rescued. The more you know about them, the more you can help them adjust to being a part of your pack!