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Dec 01, 2019

Happy December! Why is it that every month when I sit down to write this column about dogs my cats seem to sense it’s not about them and work even harder to sit on the laptop? It’s ridiculous! I’m not going to let it stop me from answering your questions about your pups though. For those of you new to Furry Words, I’m a psychic for people and pets, and they communicate with me using images, words, and emphatically by showing me through my body how their body feels or felt. All animals are at peace on the other side, but the pain and grief can be brutal for those of us left here. That I understand completely. Any information I relay is only coming from the psychic perspective and is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care. Here we go!

Stella D. wants to know why Bella suffers from separation anxiety. Where would she like to be if left home alone? Bella feels totally busted right now because I don’t think she really has separation anxiety. You are an amazing woman, and I’m not sure you’d know what to do if all areas of your life were balanced and easy. You have always been the fix it person- not in moments of crisis, but you find strength in your ability to problem solve whatever is presented to you. She’s creating a problem so that you can figure it out, but I’m telling her she really doesn’t have to do that! Start visualizing what you’d do if everything were perfect. It’s what you’re worthy of, and she’ll stop her antics. (Those are her words, not mine!) When I ask where she’d like to be if left alone, she very quickly says, “On the couch!” But I do see her wandering around and checking out the entire house!

Melissa W’s dog Skye is a red/black Doberman. “Why is she suddenly becoming leash aggressive?” This is an interesting answer. First, I think that you’re starting to do a good job manifesting your dreams. That means you’re spending more time on walks daydreaming about what you want your house to look like, your job, your clothes, etc. That is awesome, but Skye feels like when you’re in that mode, she needs to be your protector, not just of your physical body, but of your dreams! She knows how hard you’ve worked to get to where you are, and she refuses to let anyone come between you and that person. You can tell her that when she reacts, she’s pulling you out of your peaceful place and that no one can see what you’re thinking, so she can stop worrying about people trying to throw you a curveball. That sounds crazy, but I assure you I’ve said stranger things to people with positive outcomes! LOL!

Nina H. asked about Roxie, deceased, who was white in color. She passed almost 3 years ago, and she’s wondering how to see the signs she's still around. I absolutely love this question! They work so hard to let us know they’re around, but so many people are too tuned out or busy to notice. I actually see her reflection in the windows, especially at night. I know she was white, but she’s a darker color when she shows up because she thinks she’s camouflaging with the night, but I can still see her! When something in your periphery catches your eye, just say hi to her. I also see her with a very strong looking older man, whose death came as a shock to everyone. He has such a gentle face and is lovingly looking down at her while holding a thin red leash.

Nicole C. said, “This is about my dog, Minky. She’s a terrier and shih tzu mix. Is she ok because every night she goes downstairs to tinkle even after we’ve taken her out? Does she have a bad bladder? We know she has terrible skin issues.” Oh my goodness. This is one of those times that I am glad my eyes are closed when I’m face to face in a reading because sometimes I have to say… interesting things. She is so itchy! I don’t feel anything with her bladder, but just inside her skin folds, on the right, is super itchy. Have you ever had poison ivy and scratched it raw and then ran it under scalding hot water or doused it with rubbing alcohol? That relief (that usually only lasts a few seconds) is what she is trying to achieve by going to the bathroom after going out. I don’t know if dust mites can be tested for, but that is what she says she’s allergic to. You may be able to ask the vet if there’s a medication that could help with the itch, and that should solve a lot of her issues.

Emily M. wants to know how Louie, a 7 year old pitbull is doing. My right ear feels a little funky and the hearing isn’t as great in that side, but my physical body feels pretty good. He feels a little heavy when he goes from lying down to standing though. I don’t feel pain, but I do feel stiffness in his muscles and body. He looks so serious as he’s chatting!

Sheila A’s dog Thor, a husky / German Shepard rescue died last year after a seizure. Is he ok? Did he know how loved he was with us those years? Thor absolutely knew he was loved, and actually corrects me to say it in the present tense because he is still energetically around you. He took his job as your protector very seriously, which doesn’t mean that he was aggressive but that he was alert to your emotions, needs, and love. He is absolutely ok, and when he had the seizure, he saw a lot of flashing light. You know how a caterpillar wiggles into chrysalis? That is how it felt for his spirit to separate from his body. I’ve never had a dog use such an amazing example of what it felt like to cross over.

Kate R. asked how Hunter, a chocolate Lab, is he feeling health wise? My left hip feels a bit tight when I tap into his energy. It’s higher up on the back than on the front or side and feels muscular. He said heat followed by massage would make it feel better! He is so funny because he wants it but gets up and moves away from it. It’s like he’d like to slip out of his body while it gets worked on and then get back in when it feels amazing. Other than that, he feels great!

If I didn’t answer your question or you’d like to learn more about what was relayed, feel free to schedule a reading at on the Online Booking page. As always, I offer a discounted Rescue Readings for animals that have been rescued. The more you know about them the more you can help them adjust to being a part of your pack! If you want a shot at having your question answered for Furry Words, like and follow the Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page.