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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Nov 01, 2020

Welcome back to another edition of Furry Words! I’m a psychic for people and pets, and if I wasn’t the one to actually be chatting with your animals, I’m not sure I’d believe it was possible. I’ve been doing it for eleven years though, so there must be something to it! This month I’m excited to give you a glimpse into some of the readings I’ve done over the phone. I always tell people that a reading is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care, but it’s a great way to complement traditional approaches.

The first dog was one I read today. When the owner said she wanted to know how her dog was feeling, my breathing instantly felt funky. I wanted to take a deep breath in but literally couldn’t. My lungs felt tight but full, and I had the urge to cough. I heard “congestive heart failure” and explained what I was receiving. It turns out it was a fourteen year old Pug whose health was rapidly deteriorating. She confirmed that he did have heart failure, and she wanted to know if he was ready to cross the rainbow bridge. He immediately said, “Yup, but I want a parade!” This is not the first dog to request this, and she said he was super social and everyone got excited to see him. He wanted to be carried along their favorite walking route before being brought to work so everyone could fawn over him. Before he headed to the vet for the last time, he wanted to eat cheese filled hot dogs. I honestly had no idea such a thing existed, but she said she had seen them before. Even retelling it to you makes my mouth (or his, actually) water!

She asked how her dog in heaven was feeling about his brother’s imminent arrival, and the other pug instantly popped into my head clear as a bell. I saw it looking out a window from heaven to her living room. He couldn’t contain his excitement, and he was on tippy toes, his paws on the windowsill while wiggling his entire body in anticipation. He was literally bouncing from one leg to the other because he was so excited! If you’ve read this column before or had a reading with me, you’ve heard me say dogs have a unique perspective on death. They don’t consider it as final as people do; it’s a transition to the other side and there’s no fear. They can see us, hear us, and sometimes visit us energetically.

Knowing that her dog in heaven was going to greet her pug ready to go gave her such peace of mind and validated that he was ready. The next question the dogs asked was how was she going to honor them? I saw a funky tattoo on her left wrist, and she seemed shocked that I said what she had been planning on doing. Her idea was to have a paw print somewhere on her body, but they REALLY wanted their names. They also wanted her to know how blessed she was to have them in her life, so they wrote “Blessed” in calligraphy with a decorative line above and below the word. The B and D had hearts in them and the younger dog’s name was on top with the others below. She started to cry. I think reality was sinking in, but she was also in love with their design. She promised him she’d do all he asked for and then some, and she was grateful for the validation that he was ready.

The other dog I want to share with you was a recent rescue and was now in a home with cats and an older dog. The owner wanted to know how the older dog felt about the new addition. The first thing I heard was, “It’s so annoying. It has no manners and it is gross.” She said that this was exactly how the dog appeared to feel. I asked for them to give me an example of how it was behaving, and in my head I saw the new dog trying to sniff the underside of the older one. This was alright for a few seconds, but if the older dog, who was smaller, had had enough and tried to walk away, the rude one would lift it up by digging its head further under the belly and lifting its back legs off the ground. The dog found this quite offensive and asked the owner to tell it to knock it off. Then I asked if anything hurt the newly adopted pup, and they were happy to report that nothing did. I asked how it felt about the cats and the answer was hysterical to me. Have you seen the movie Elf with Will Farrell? You know the scene when he points out that the “little elf” who wasn’t really an elf was an “angry elf?” Well, the dog sort of leaned in to me energetically and whispered, “That cat’s a wild panther,” just like Will Farrell’s character would do. I told the woman the dog saw the cat as a giant black panther even though when I looked at the cat, it didn’t match what I was seeing.

She laughed and said it was a small orange cat, and the dog did go up to it right away, but the cat hissed, and the dog hasn’t gotten close to it since then. The dog appears a bit curious but extremely reluctant to get within a few feet of the cat. The dog was still trying to explain that the cat had HUGE teeth, GIANT whiskers, and it GROWLED at him. The owner and I were laughing so hard, but the dog stuck with his story. Those are the readings that keep me going because they are fun, helpful, and clear.

Next month I’ll reach out to you for questions about your dogs, so follow the Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page and be on the lookout for a call for your questions around the middle of December. Have a great Thanksgiving and give your pups some love from me! Sara Moore currently offers long distance readings over the phone or FaceTime. You can learn more at