Downeast Dog News


Jan 11, 2022

"Meet Jack! One word to describe Jack would be "antics!" He is full of them! From showing you his jump into the air like a sturgeon on the Kennebec, to going upside down for belly rubs, there is never a dull moment with Jack. He'll do most of his antics while grinning, revealing a surprise underbite full of mini hippo teeth. When he is feeling extra boisterous, he will initiate a little tug of war with the leash or give you an opportunity to practice some visible mending on your jacket.

Dying to please you, especially if you have snacks, his sparkling brown eyes lock on you, waiting for the next command. Plan for a long snuggle session afterwards to tell him he has done a great job!

If you're easily bored, and ready for a laugh, stop by Kennebec Valley Humane Society to learn more about Jack!

We are open Mondays and Tuesdays from 12-4, Wednesdays CLOSED, Thursday and Friday we are open 11-4, Saturdays 10-4, Sundays, 11-4."