Downeast Dog News


May 10, 2022

Meet Aurora! She is a 2yr old Lab/Staffordshire Terrier mix.

Her favorite activities are getting attention and playing outside. She enjoys playing fetch and going for walks. Aurora is looking for a household with only adults and no other dogs. Aurora is Lyme+ and has been treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, dogs infected with Lyme disease can be prone to recurrence of the infection in the future, but antibiotics and other medications can be used again to treat the condition. Most importantly, dogs with Lyme can live a relatively normal life. The first few weeks settling into a new home can be quite stressful for any dog. A dog is adjusting to new people, new environments and new routines, meaning that they have a lot to process and may experience some stress and anxiety. Although she is an absolute sweetheart, Aurora struggles with startle reflex. This is sometimes known as sleep aggression and occurs when a dog is woken up suddenly or unexpectedly. If a dog has been woken up by their brain telling them they’re in danger, and she may react in a fearful and potentially negative way. Here are some steps you can take to help avoid startle reflex that we found on; While it may not be possible to stop sleep startle entirely, new owners can take steps to prevent their dog being put in the position where they might be startled: -Give your dog their own bed in a quiet location, away from those areas people pass through regularly like a busy kitchen, near sofas in family spaces, or in hallways. If you have one, a spare room which isn’t always in use can be a great space for your dog to retreat to. -It can be useful to introduce your dog to a crate, which can act as their own safe space to take themselves off to for a rest. It also creates a physical barrier around the dog whilst they sleep, which will help keep any children and other pets safe too. You can find out more about this in our crate training advice -All members of the family should avoid touching or approaching the dog when they are sleeping. If someone has to interact with the dog, they should begin talking to them from a distance and call the dog over to them once they’ve woken up -Only approach your dog if you’re sure they are definitely awake and that they are aware of your presence. If not, then let sleeping dogs lie. Aurora is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. If you are interested in adopting, please submit a pre-adoption application on our website then follow up with a phone call so that we can schedule a meet and greet.