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Ah, September!

By Baxter | Sep 01, 2014

September is my favorite month - my favorite non-winter month, that is. The air is finally cooling off; it smells so clear and clean. My humans have stopped dropping me at what they claim is ‘dog camp’ and we’re spending more time at home. I can lie out in the grass and sniff the cool air without being bombarded by bugs. Even the cat seems a little more tolerable.

I look back over the past months and all the trips to the vet. I’ve got to tell you, those vets have the worst medicine I’ve ever had. I go to my regular vet, and she gives me treats, and I go home and go about my business. The special vets were nice enough people; they petted me a lot, gave me lots of treats but whew, that medicine. You’d think they’d be a little more careful mixing it. Maybe it was a bad batch, but it just knocked me out every time. My advice: if your humans ever take you to a ‘special vet’ is this: take the treats; leave the medicine.

Anyway, it’s just a dim memory now. At least I hope so. I heard my human talking to the vet about ‘starting up again if we need to…’ Just see if they can find me. Remember I’m part Shepherd. I can be pret-ty stubborn if I need to. And even though I’m not as fast as I was when I was a pup, I’ll always be faster than my humans.

But it’s September and the grass is still green and I’ve finally stopped shedding. My humans are around, and the cat is no longer bugging me. Cool air and sweet smells drift over me. Can life get any better than this?