Downeast Dog News

April Letter from the Publisher

By Jenn Rich | Apr 01, 2021

Dear Dog News Readers,

How did we get to April already? A year ago we had canceled our April issue because that is when all of the lockdowns began, and there was so much uncertainty. We might not have all of the answers about what comes next, but we are definitely in a different place.

I am very much looking forward to being outside again and for everything to be green. What a strange winter we had. We didn’t really have any “pretty” snow days. It seemed as though it was either a nor’easter or was mixed with sleet, then rained and then froze. I got tired of the really cold temps and the crusty snow. We battled with more than one broken doggie toenail. Pepper and I both enjoyed our trips to Water Bark Wellness for a break from the cold and potential injuries. I remembered to bring her new robe the last time we went. She looked so cute! I bought it to keep her warm, but it was also great because she couldn’t shake all over the inside of the car.

April 14th will be Pepper’s 7th birthday! Time is going by way too quickly, but I plan to enjoy every bit of it. She is my partner in crime and co-pilot and gets spoiled regularly. She eats a diet of kibble and wet food and lately I have found myself announcing her meals like I am listing off specials at a restaurant. Haha!

I found another enrichment idea on Pinterest. We have only tried it once, but it did keep her busy. I took one of those Hol-ee Roller balls and rolled up tiny training treats in strips of fleece and t-shirt and stuffed them in the ball. It kept her busy for a while. We have only tried this once so far. I am really anticipating her chewing a hole in the thing, but I am not leaving it out for her when we are done so that might preserve it longer. We shall see!

Happy Spring to you all and watch out for the ticks! Tis that season.

All the best,

Jenn & Pepper