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ASCA Introduction To Stock sponsored by the Australian Shepherd Club of Maine

Lone Moose Farm
63 Hawes Bridge Rd Prospect, ME 04981
Laura Hamer
Oct 12, 2017
9:00 AM

Are you interested in herding with your dog? Event is open to all recognized herding breeds, 6 mos. and older. Participants will be introduced to the terminology and basic goals of working a stockdog.. Safety aspects for stock, dog and handler will also be discussed. As well as a demonstration, with commentary, of a well-trained stockdog. Educational session will be followed by one or more introductions of participating dogs to stock. Either sheep or ducks could be used. Each dog will be assessed by the instructor with a copy of the assessment going to the owner/handler. Event limited to 12 working participants and unlimited auditing spots. Participant spot $60, auditing spot $20. Email for registration form.