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Ask Bammy

By Nancy Holmes

I am a Carolina Dog, a breed that long ago owned* Native American people.  Our breed was designed by natural selection to be so beautiful, intelligent, healthy and superior in every way, that I can offer advice based on the natural instincts and attributes of wild dogs.  In addition, my adoptive person and I have had lots of training classes and other experiences.  Some humans call themselves Mom or Dad of their dog.  But I am no puppy, so I will, tongue in cheek, refer to my human as Boss.  Much as I love her, I admit she has many of the same odd notions and hang-ups as most humans; so I can relate to other pet dogs with problem humans.  (If you want to learn more about my credentials, go online to The Carolina Dog Society of America.)  So send me your questions!  If I can’t help, at least I can offer sympathy, and we can have some fun talking about our amazing humans. Bammy, PO Box 135, Newcastle, ME 04553.

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