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Baxter: Living with your Humans

By William Kunitz | Jan 01, 2016
Photo by: William Kunitz


I’m the one responsible for listening to Baxter’s musings about living with two-legged creatures with very little fur, a terrible sense of smell and almost no idea of what it is like to be a dog among them.    After nine years and over one hundred columns translating his thoughts into something that passes for readable English I’ve decided to turn my attention to other pursuits. As many of you know Baxter died last winter. I’ve been dredging up old columns and updating them, as well as writing a couple new ones from notes he had left.

Baxter was a special guy, happiest when he was playing with friends, lying in the snow chewing on a bone, roaming our land, or dodging the surf at Popham Beach. He was big, over 120 pounds at his peak but so gentle puppies flocked around him. He will be missed.

I’m hoping to put together a book based on the columns to be published this year. Meanwhile, perhaps another dog can step into this space and share their thoughts about what it is like to live with such strange creatures as us.

William Kunitz