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Jan 07, 2020

Bentley is a 1.5 year old, neutered male, American Pitbull Terrier. Although a DNA test would prove he's 100% canine, he can jump like a kangaroo. Bentley's favorite activities include tug, neck scratches, and jumping with all four feet in the air.

Bentley came to KVHS at the beginning of November and has been thriving ever since. Bentley enjoys and succeeds with a daily routine and exercise. He began his obedience training upon intake and is a very fast learner. In the last three weeks he has been perfecting his SIT, DOWN, "EASY", "DROP IT", and COME command.

Bentley is required to be the only pet in his new home due to a severe lack of socialization early in his life. Bentley spent his entire 1.5 years of his life either tied to a tree or locked in a crate. Consequently, meeting new people can also be a challenge for Bentley. Psychologically, to a dog that spends their life tied out, this creates frustration for the dog. They can see humans and other pets but cannot socialize with them therefore they express themselves by barking, lunging, and growling. Please keep in mind, because of his history, when you come to visit Bentley that he will act much different outside of his kennel. Understandably, he does not comprehend boundaries and will need to be in a home with patient owners while he adjusts to being a real house dog.

Due to his puppy-like behaviors such as, jumping and mouthing, we suggest he go home with older children who can also partake in his training. Children should be at least 15 years old and dog savvy. Bentley will need an experienced owner dedicated to training him. He is a very sweet and goofy dog once he warms up to you! With the right owners he will make their house a home!


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