Downeast Dog News


Mar 26, 2020

Hi there! My name’s Beverly and I sure am happy to make your acquaintance! Hey, do you like exploring? How about walking, hiking, hunting? Well, I like to do all those things and I am looking for some fun-loving and active people to do it with me. As I’m sure you can see, I’m a hound dog and it’s in my blood to work so all day long I find myself thinking, “hey, what’s that smell?! Hey, where’s that squirrel going?! Hey, what’s over here!?” I know I can come off a little strong but it’s just because I have so many great ideas and thoughts and I just can’t wait to get out there and pursue them! Wanna come with me??

Since arriving at AWS I’ve sure had a good time. The folks here all treat me so nicely and take me for daily walks. Plus there’s the puzzle toys, and peanut butter and all those friendly volunteers who play with me and let me work my nose. I’m glad they let me be myself because as a hound, I’m kinda goofy and energetic… and loud. I like to bark and bay sometimes. It’s just how I show I care! I’m awfully grateful for all they do for me but I think it’s about time I find myself a family of my own. I know my perfect match is out there somewhere!

I like people who are active and outdoorsy and who can adventure with me through this beautiful state of Maine. I sure do like to play with other dogs but I think I would prefer to be the only one in your home. I know that sounds selfish of me but I promise I have so much love, attention, and silliness to share that it would be like you have 4 dogs! Oh, and I have to disclose that those pesky cats and smaller critters probably wouldn’t be good for me either. I mean, why be small and fast and furry if you don’t want to be chased?? Anyway, I’ve been looking for my special family for a long time and I’ve been very patient indeed. I know there’s a lot going on for you humans right now and AWS has been much quieter these days, but a quick phone call to the front desk is all it takes to meet me. I sure would be happy to see the faces of my new family soon!

Would you like to learn more? Please visit the AWS Adoption Center (46 Holland Road, Kennebunk, just off Exit 25 of the Maine Turnpike), check out her online profile or give us a call at (207) 985-3244 to chat about Beverly.

During the COVID-19 closure, we will be doing adoptions by appointment only. Details can be found on our HOW TO ADOPT page.