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Busy, Busy, Busy

By Baxter | Dec 23, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Humans have to be busy at something all the time. I think it’s what complicates their lives. As we begin another year let’s look at some of the things that really matter: food, rest, exercise, friendship. Four words, yet humans somehow manage to complicate things by adding stuff to everything they do.

Let’s take, oh…food, for example. For me consuming food involves two things: 1: finding it. 2: eating it. Humans on the other hand will take a perfectly good piece of meat and instead of eating it (or just giving it to me) they busy themselves with ‘cooking’ it. They grab a book with more pages than a summer’s worth of ticks, spend what seems like hours looking through it, start hauling out tools and powders and liquids, and heating pans and doing terrible things to that piece of meat – and I sit there thinking that in less time than it took to open that book, I could have eaten the meat and gone off for a nap.

Humans have to be busy in the morning. I wake up and I need to go out. I can’t count the things my humans busy themselves with while I’m waiting by the door. They’re busy all day: they go off somewhere; they come home. Go off again; come home again. It’s positively exhausting to watch them. Why can’t they stay home, throw some sticks, walk me and pet me now and then? When they do finally come home to stay they’re, you guessed it, busy until it’s time to go to bed for the night and then they get busy rubbing a brush over their teeth, splashing water on their faces, sitting on my water bowl, taking off clothes so they can put on other clothes, climbing into their bed, climbing out of bed, climbing back in again…busy, busy, busy. Is that any way to start a new year?