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Camping with your Pet

Jun 01, 2017

What’s Your Camping Style?

It is with unabashed pride that for 80 years Maine – with its celebrated coastline and a ginormous interior dotted and striped with lakes and rivers – has been able to call itself “Vacationland.” The best of the outdoors is offered here in Maine and no matter the reason or the season there will never be a shortage of outdoors to enjoy in Maine.

This reputation and unfettered access to the outdoors allow our collection of Maine Campgrounds to offer every style of camping available today. There are several; it simply depends on you and what you are looking to get out of your Maine Camping experience.

Tent Camping

It is rare to find a person whose camping experience does not include at least one or more nights in a tent. The experience is up to the camper – from the simple functionality of tarp and rope setup to “glamping” (glamorous camping) with four-star amenities. Tent camping is an affordable, fun, and uncomplicated way to enjoy all that camping has to offer.

Full-Service Family Campgrounds and RV Resorts

Looking for a campground that offers more options and amenities? This may be the style you are seeking. With more focus on the facilities and amenities of a camping trip, a full-service family campground or RV resort appeals to the camper who is interested in roughing-it, but with style. Here you’ll find campers who bring their tents, pop-up campers, or hardtops. Resorts like this are quite popular with owners of larger recreational vehicles (RV) and fifth wheels. This is a superb option for those who like to bring lots of gear or a fishing boat along. Full-service campgrounds are a great option for families because they often offer extra amenities like a pool, game room, night time entertainment, and other fee-based services.

Cabin, Cottage or Onsite RV Rentals

Increasingly popular are cabin, cottage or onsite RV rentals. This solution is ideal for the camper who has outgrown a tent, does not own an RV but still loves the great fun and camaraderie and sense of adventure that comes with camping and being outdoors. As a camper, all you need to do is show up and unpack in your own personal vacation home. Typically these accommodations require a little more lead-time when planning, and reservations are highly recommended. If you are interested in renting, it may be wise to check out next year’s offerings while camping this year.

Questions and Considerations for Choosing the Right Campsite

Once you have honed in on your own style of camping, there are a number of other pertinent questions to be considered. Here are just a few questions that we suggest future campers ask themselves as they make their plan as every campground operates by different rules:

⁃ Do I want to be on the coast, in the woods, or lakeside?

⁃ What will I want to do/ what activities or attractions are nearby?

⁃ How far ahead should I make a reservation?

⁃ Am I planning on bringing my pet(s)

⁃ What kind of utilities/hookup/services will I need?

⁃ Am I expecting non-camping guests to visit during my stay?


Camping with Pets

Bring along your pet and enjoy your Maine camping vacation with your entire family!

Pets are often an important part of camping families. Many campgrounds in Maine allow pets. Some campgrounds just allow small dogs, while other campgrounds allow dogs of all sizes as well as other pets. Management has to be sensitive to non-pet owners’ comfort levels when formulating their rules for their properties. Please call ahead to be sure the campground you choose has a pet policy that works for you. You are better off knowing in advance than arriving and finding your pet is unwelcome or will incur extra charges of which you weren’t previously aware. Here are some examples of rules you might expect:

1. Say yes to the leash! Keep pets on a short leash at all times.

2. Make sure your pet has some type of identification on him in case he should stray away from camp.

3. Carry proof of vaccinations.

4. If you leave, take your pet with you.

5. Pick up after your pet and properly dispose of all pet waste in trash receptacles.

6. You are responsible for your pet’s behavior.

7. For health and safety reasons, pets are not allowed in pool and playground areas.


Happy Camping!

From The Maine Campground Owners Association