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Day of the Dogs II - The Forbidden Pig

By Don Kingsbury | Apr 03, 2021
Photo by: Don Kingsbury AKA: Auggie, Hawggy, Hog Dog, Little Fat Dog, Magog Dog, Snuggles

My Dog “Max” has written the latest installment of his new Novel- ”Day of the Dogs.”

He’s pretty proud of it. And a dog who can write a novel SHOULD be proud of himself. Don’t you agree?

First Installment, click here:

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Twas the Eve before Christmas Eve- and at this late hour, Don’s more-than-ample bulk lay sprawled on the living room couch, glad the freak thunderstorm had abated and he could watch Rick and Morty. Soon, he would be snoring like a rototiller with water in the fuel line.

Liana lay dozing in the first-floor master bedroom.

When the house was finally quiet and everyone settled down, Maximus Gary scrapped Plan A and initiated Plan B. He would need to tell the troops quickly. He summoned Teddy and Auggie.

Plan A was conditional upon Don and Liana falling asleep together in the bedroom. Two dogs would create obstacles around and in the bed. Buddy- spread like a large sack of cement in front of the bedroom door to pop up suddenly as Don angrily strode over him on the way to see “What the hell was going on in the GD kitchen.” Augustus- spooning Liana on top of the covers in a super-tight little ball. He was to snuggle closer to Liana and obstruct her from throwing the covers back and quickly running into the kitchen. His orders were to throw himself over her as she struggled to get up. If necessary.*

Teddy was to scout and run real-time status reports between the bedroom, the upstairs, and Maximus Gary in the “Hot Zone.” His mission was to report and run silent whilst minimizing the frenetic, dog-like noises that come from running on a tile floor.

The added complexity of Plan B didn’t scare Maximus Gary. True- there were more moving parts. But they were easily contained with a good, well-trained team. Maximus Gary had worked towards that.

The wild card were the guests. Earlier in the evening, Bipeds crawled over all three floors of Chez Salty. Older Bipeds sipped drinks and told humorous stories. Younger Bipeds ran around and played dress-up games with costumes and shrieked with laughter. Dogs pretty much stayed in their packs.

The Biped count at Chez Salty was well over 15. This included the sleepless, little, wandering, screaming, Bipeds. It didn’t include several nervous, Imp-like little dogs upstairs that would go berserk if a moth farted six counties away.

Any one of those bipeds or Imp Dogs could come downstairs at anytime for any reason. And the yapping Imp Dogs upstairs could easily throw a wrench into the whole works simply by barking at something completely random. Maximus turned these problems over and over in his mind like a talisman. The most important part of going from Plan A to Plan B was giving the team enough time to adjust.

Read the rest here:

You won’t be angry that you did.