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Diesel is Waiting for the Perfect Home
May 12, 2020

Many of our animals have had difficult or sad pasts but every time one of them goes out our doors with a new adopter, it is a chance for a new and happier life. No dog in the shelter deserves a second chance more than Diesel. Diesel spent the first few years of his life tied outside. According to the neighbor that brought Diesel to the shelter, he was regularly abused and used for pellet-gun target practice. When Diesel arrived at the shelter he was predictably suspicious of people and wouldn’t let anyone near him. After a few weeks of kind words and lots of cookies, Diesel began to warm up to us and soon we realized that he was a lovely dog that would need our help if he was to find his place in the world.

Diesel’s prior life had been limited to the length of his chain so he had lots of new skills to learn. He’s a big strong boy at around 85 pounds and it initially took two dog walkers with two leashes to take him for his daily walk. Diesel was a fast learner though and soon we were working on his obedience commands. "He loved his training sessions but his favorite time was after his training when we would sit together quietly and he would lean against me as I stroked his ears." stated Kelly Gould, PMHS Dog Play Group Coordinator.

As Diesel’s training increased, his world expanded to rides in the car and weekend hikes with one of our volunteers. Thanks to the generosity of several of our donors, Diesel’s latest adventure was two weeks with professional trainer, Kris Potter of Kompletely K9, who put the finishing touches on his training and who loved him as much as we do.

After 8 months with us, Diesel is now on our adoption floor. We would like to see him go to a home with someone who will continue his training. Kris Potter has offered a complimentary training session to whoever adopts him. Diesel would probably do best as an only dog though he might be able to live with a well socialized female canine companion. He has never seen a cat and would probably chase one if he did. We will be featuring videos and pictures of Diesel on our Facebook page and on Instagram so please send him some love. We are asking all you dog lovers out there to share him on social media and help find him a forever home. Sometimes it takes a village to place a dog!

If you are interested in Diesel and willing to help him rebuild his confidence and continue his training please call Pope Humane Society at (207)594-2200