Downeast Dog News


By Baxter | May 04, 2015

Ah, spring, a time for all of us (except you poodles, doodles and hairless types) to finally shed the fur we’ve built up all winter. I prefer a nice stiff carpet to rub my back on. And I love to run out into the fresh air of a sunny morning to roll around on the grass. Unfortunately, spring is also a time when humans begin to shed their coverings. Now humans have many fine qualities: they feed us, pet us, open doors for us but somehow, over eons of time, they lost most of their fur. It might have something to do with growing a thumb. Perhaps their bodies couldn’t support fur and a thumb.

In the winter, they make up for this defect by covering anything larger than the size of a paw with cloth or (and I’m sorry to have to mention this) the skin of some poor animal. They keep themselves covered inside and when they go out into the snow they add more coverings!

Spring is another matter. In spring they begin to remove those coverings, layer after layer as spring continues into summer until they reveal skin. The males especially are fond of taking their tops off. Let’s face it: it’s not a pretty sight. The older ones have more fur inside their ears than on their backs. This is also why it’s not a great idea to go to the beach with them in the spring or summer no matter how much you like the water. They take off almost all their coverings for this ritual. Better to focus on other dogs, the water, chasing sticks and rolling in all the great things that wash up.


Thought for the month: Clothes may make the man but fur makes the dog