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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Nov 01, 2016

This month I’d like to tell you what it’s like from my perspective when I communicate with animals and how you can get the most out of a reading.  My process is simpler than most people realize, and over the years, I’ve figured out how to ask very clear questions and understand how I best receive answers.  When I am delivering the messages, my brain is only partially engaged in the dialogue, and I’m busy playing a mad game of twenty questions behind the scenes.  I have questions that I always ask and am guided to ask others depending on the situation.

When someone asks me a question, my psychic brain takes over.  It almost feels like I’m not fully in my body, and I become hyperaware of my senses.  My mouth may take on a certain taste, my hearing may go wonky, or my ears may feel blocked, I become aware of shifts in my physical body and any pain that I feel, and I usually see images in my head.  These are all ways that I get answers, and it helps me to tune everything else out by closing my eyes, too.   I use my right eye as a “yes” and my left eye as a “no.”  If you ask me whether my dog is happy and I feel a gentle pull or pulse in my right eye, I know that yes, he is happy!  If I get a no, I ask what would make him happy.   This yes or no can be a very clear answer, and it almost feels like he is yelling it, or it may be very subtle, meaning he may be indifferent or there is room for improvement.   This is where the behind- the-scenes aspect of what I do gets interesting.  My brain starts shooting out words that describe emotions, and I narrow it down to tell you exactly how he is feeling.  For example, I will think the words, “Happy, sad, scared, afraid, timid, nervous, calm, peaceful, angry, bored, grumpy, etc.” and when I get the right word, my right eye (my yes eye) sort of lights up.  It doesn’t glow or anything freaky like that, but I get a yes when I think the word that best describes how he is actually feeling.

Years ago I was doing readings for a group of friends at a party.  We’d never met and when the first woman came into the room for her session, the entire group screamed, “Don’t feed the medium!”  She had to sheepishly explain that they had discussed how some fraudulent psychics fish for information, and they agreed not to feed me any information.  I wasn’t offended because it’s something I totally would have done, too, but I could tell some people had come with specific questions that they were reluctant to ask because of their pact.   When you call an animal communicator, I suggest you get a referral or ask someone who has used one before, so there is already some level of confidence in his or her abilities.  I am very up front, and my disclaimer is I have zero medical training, and I’m not an animal behaviorist.  If you’re working with a vet or trainer, you can tell me what the concern or issue is, and if he has offered suggestions for treatment, I can give you the dog’s perspective on each one.  This is great for people who’ve tried everything or are facing an expensive medical decision.  Just like I said above, I get a yes/no answer, and the option the dog feels is best lights up.  All that I do ask for is the animal’s name, what kind and color, and if he is living or deceased.  If you don’t ask me anything specific, lord knows where the reading will go!  I also recommend that you write your questions down.  Once you realize I’m not making stuff up, you will go totally blank.  It happens all the time!

The hardest part of having animals is the decision to help them cross the rainbow bridge when it’s their time.  I get a lot of calls for people struggling with the decision, and as I reflect on those readings, I can say there are some “standard” questions that I will ask the animal.  Is he ready to go?  If he says yes, I ask if he needs help or if he thinks he can do it on his own.  Would he prefer to be at home or at the vet?  Who does he want with him?  Is there anything he’d like to do before does go?  Sometimes dogs request certain treats or human food they were never allowed, or they want to take one last drive along the beach.  You’d be surprised at how many want a going away party where everyone gets to see them one last time and celebrate their upcoming transition.  Isn’t it amazing to think that dogs don’t fear death like so many people do?  They actually embrace it!

The questions I have been asked by clients range from basic to somewhat strange.  I help people communicate upcoming changes to their pets, give insight into new additions to the family, offer closure when they deal with the loss of a beloved pet and then validate ways that the pet is trying to communicate with them from the other side.  It’s not uncommon for someone to call and not say anything, and in that case, I just relay what comes through.  More often than not, the reading drifts to the human’s issues or current situation and goes much deeper than the human was expecting.  Because I read energy, it works if we’re face to face or in different time zones.  If you’ve been wondering what your pet has to say, a reading is a great way to find out!

Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons has an office in North Conway, NH and is available for phone and Skype readings as well.  FMI go to , text or call (603)662-2046, and her email is .  She is also available for private parties and fundraisers.