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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Dec 01, 2016
“In my next life, I’m coming back as a dog.”  How many of you are nodding in agreement with this statement?  I’m sure most of you!  I’ve been introduced to show dogs, working dogs, rescued dogs, and more breeds than I knew existed before I became an animal communicator.  Most of them live better than most people I know, and I would trade places with them, too!  I would be more than happy to eat homemade organic food or even cheap kibble out of a bag if it meant I didn’t have to shop for it, buy it, prepare it, and clean up afterwards!  Dogs really are living the dream!

Let’s talk about why we want to be our dogs.  One reason is because their job is to love us.  Yes, some pull carts, go to shows, and actually do work, but we have them because they make us feel loved.  Even those dogs who drive us nuts at some point, wiggle into our hearts and open it a little more. The cool part is the dogs just soak up all the love they are given and don’t have super high expectations for us.  They are grateful for everything we do for them and show their enthusiasm each and every time.  Sure, maybe you make them sit or give them a paw before you reward them, but they do it happily, and everyone has a feel good moment.

Maybe you want to be your dogs because they get better care than you give yourself.  Well, I do want to say if that’s the case, take a lesson from them and work to change that.  When you’re on an airplane, they show you how to put your own oxygen mask on first and then help people around you. The same rules apply.  I can assure you your dogs want you to feel just as valued as they do.  It’s strange to me that there is a culture that suffering somehow proves strength or worthiness.  If that just rang a bell with you, listen up.  Your dogs are here to teach you that their needs, which often mirror your needs, are just as important as everyone else’s.  You have the right to speak up and ask for them to be met!  I bet if dogs had thumbs and credit cards, they’d gladly go to the store and cook you up some organic sweet potato with rice and free range hamburger.  If your dogs are using better hair products than you treat yourself to, next time live the dream.  I smile as I write that, because it sounds so silly, but you really can live a life as good as your dogs if you believe you’re worth it.

Your dogs have no worries and no responsibilities, so they have it all.  Right?  Let me ask you this.  If you got the chance to go to Boston and watch a concert or a Red Sox game, I’m betting most of you would take your own car instead of the train or bus.  Why?  Because we LIKE having control!  This isn’t a bad thing at all, but I want to point out that you can take a step closer to your dogs’lives while still enjoying this one.  What do you feel the need to be in charge of that could be delegated?  I can think of a few ways I could make changes right now.  My son Zachary is now 11 and still expects me to make his bagel in the morning.  It’s been the routine for as long as I can remember, but it adds more to an already full plate for me, and I’m going to ask him to step it up.  I also hate having to track my finances, so I could hire someone to do that for me, or I can hold onto it and make it a bigger burden than it needs to be. One step closer to being as free as a dog!

I think the biggest reason we want to be our dogs is that they don’t have a care in the world beyond food, walks, and snuggles.  It makes my heart so happy to imagine how liberating that must be!  I am a firm believer that we can set intentions and that we can manifest change.  Instead of hating some aspect of your life, shed some light on it and find a way to shift it.  We need to work to pay bills.  I get that, but have you ever considered that you could get paid to do something you love?  Why not?  If you loved your career, then it would just as fulfilling as going for a long walk on a beautiful day with your happy pooch.  Again, another way to become doglike in some of your endeavors.

So what is your dog really teaching you?  Love.  Loyalty.  Joy.  Peace.  Fulfillment.  Simplicity.  Silliness.  Completion.  Exuberance and so much more!  I do believe if you want to come back as a dog in your next life, it’s entirely possible.  That being said I also know that you can mindfully work towards feeling the emotions that you’re seeking while walking upright on your two human feet.  The dogs teach us so much about ourselves and how we face the world.  They give love simply because it feels divine to do so and never fear rejection worry if they’re worthy of being loved.  That’s HUGE!  Take a page from the dog handbook and start wagging more and stressing less.  Try it and see what happens!

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