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By Sara Moore | Dec 30, 2016
It’s a new year!  How exciting is that?  I find it awesome that every 365 days we get the opportunity to redefine our wants, needs, and intentions.  I also enjoy taking some time to reflect back and honor the progress, successes, and areas that need improvement based on how 2016 turned out.  I have to say, I’m feeling pretty optimistic about where I find myself right now and am looking forward to seeing how the adventure of 2017 plays out.
That being said, I wrapped up December by doing a day of readings at the newly opened Uncommon Paws store on Exchange Street in Portland, ME.  I love the owners, Pete and Gudrun, whom I met a few years ago at a dog show in Scarborough.  At the time, I had a yellow lab, so as they were setting up, I introduced myself and drooled over the gorgeous collars and leashes they were selling.  We totally hit it off and over the course of the four day show spent a fair amount of time chit chatting between clients.  I told them about other events I offered readings at, and ever since we’ve been part of the “dog circuit” vendors.

It was such an honor to be invited to do readings at their new location to celebrate their new digs.  They’d only been open three weeks, and none of us knew what to expect for a turnout, but we figured if no one came, we could still have fun and catch up.  I sent them a flyer and a sign up sheet, mentioned it when I was live on 94.9 HOM, and we used social media to get the word out.  When I walked in, I was elated to see that all but the last spot of the day had been reserved, and I knew the first dog from about seven years ago when I met him at an event.  Freddy, who is a miniature grey poodle and his owner Steph, are awesome!  I hugged them hello and laughed about the time I bumped into them at a store and scooped Fred up and gave him a hug.  We were both so happy until we realized that, um, I had actually picked him up, and he didn’t usually let people do that.  I can honestly say it was about as awkward as realizing you hugged the wrong person at the grocery store!  He forgave me, and this time I just gave him some love while he was in Steph’s arms.

She had brought him in to ask if he still liked going to chat with the veterans and people in nursing homes, how he was feeling, and if he had any requests.  He said yes to the first question and that he wanted to be known as a celebrity.  He had apparently told Steph in a prior reading that she should contact a local television station because, obviously, they’d want to do a story on him.  He did ask why she hadn’t reached out yet and offered some suggestions of which shows would be the best fit.  She agreed to get on it, so, and if you know her and are reading this, feel free to ask her if she has!  Fred will get a kick out of that!  He said he felt great but did have a request.  He wanted a bumblebee costume, yellow with black and with a hood.  He tried to explain that other dogs wear that costume, but it looks ridiculous because they’re not the right color.  He is the right collar because his fur is so dark it’s almost black, which makes it perfect when his nose and butt are the ends of the bee.  Sigh.  He acknowledged it wasn’t even close to Halloween, but he insisted he’d rock it and use it as a coat all winter. He added that he’d be very grateful if she did find one in his size!

What I love about my career is that I don’t have to do a lot of advertising.  If someone loves his reading, he tells his friends, and then I end up with the majority of clients being referrals.  It’s nice because people unfamiliar with me or what I do like to play “stump the psychic”.  I don’t mind playing, but you’re wasting your money instead of getting the most out of your time!  Steph brought a friend for the session after hers, and they were both psyched to know the third person on the list as well!  The store isn’t huge, but it really didn’t feel crowded with us and the pups laughing and chatting.  I have no idea how many readings I ended up doing, but the last couple who took that open spot were just lovely.  They didn’t have their dog with them, which doesn’t matter to me at all.  One of them really wanted to do it, and the other wasn’t quite sold on the idea of chatting with a psychic for people and pets.  They sat down, and I told them they could end it right away if they changed their minds, but their dog had so much to tell them!  The most common question I get asked when spouses are sitting side by side is which one of us does the dog love more.  Usually the dog gives them a chance to back out of that question (because it may not be the one that expects it!) or it will tell them very honestly who and why.

Their dog said that because they were so perfectly matched as souls, lovers, and partners in this lifetime their energy felt like one unit instead of two. They got to remain independent, but that their upcoming wedding was going to celebrate the true love they had found.  The dog was so grateful to be a part of their family and did go on to tell them about their children that would be joining them, too, if they chose that route.  It was such an upbeat and positive experience for me and hopefully for them as well!  In 2017, I’m going to surround myself with people and animals that know how to love and be loved.  It’s time to soak that up and spread it around because it can make the year even more spectacular.  I hope that you can look back and celebrate at least some success that came out of last year and that our paths cross during this one!

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