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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Feb 01, 2017
I have recently discovered a platform that gives me the ability to do super quick mini-readings as people watch live from wherever they are.  It’s called Facebook Live, and although I was a little hesitant to give it a shot, I’m so glad I did because I love it!  I don’t need to tell you how much people love their dogs and pets, but it’s amazing to me every time I get to help them better connect through a psychic reading.  The questions range from basic to profound, and I am just as excited to hear what your pet has to say!

The most recent live session started with questions coming in slowly and steadily, but by the end, I couldn’t keep up with them!   A few of the readings stand out in my mind, and I thought maybe you’d like to step into my bubble for a few minutes and hear about them.  One owner asked what her dog wanted and if it were happy.  The answer was yes; it was very happy but that it really preferred loose fitting collars, and it didn’t want anything tight around his neck.  It said it didn’t like anything tight, and it was adamant that it didn’t want to experience that again.  Minutes later, the owner validated that it had hated the harness they got him!!

Another person asked why his dog kept moaning and groaning and if it were hurt or upset.  Now this dog absolutely cracked me up, and I didn’t get that either of those concerns were true.  I did get that the dog was a manipulative, controlling diva but was also so silly it was fine to indulge this behavior.  Then I started laughing so hard I could barely talk, but managed to get out that if the dog were a person, it’d be the kind who would refuse any food you gave it, then sit there sighing and saying, “No, I’m fiiiiiinnnneeee,” all the time hoping you would try to convince it to eat with you.  Turns out the dog is exactly like that, and everyone got a good chuckle!

Another question was about how a dog was feeling.  I instantly felt like the dog was almost ready for the rainbow bridge, but I also knew that the owner might not be prepared to hear that.  Compound that with the fact that there were a lot of people watching and waiting to see what I was going to say.  When I do a reading, I have to say what the spirit tells me or else the dog stops talking.  If I don’t want to tell someone something, I ask in my head if I actually HAVE to tell that person,, and if I get a yes, then out it comes.  This was one of those times, and I always trust that I’ll be guided to help the person process the information once it’s been presented.  So I relayed that the dog was tired and running low on energy.  It said that it would be absolutely fine with the decision to euthanize when the owner was ready.  I also reminded the owner that it was ultimately the owner’s decision and that whatever the decision was, it would  be the right choice.  Sigh.  This is one of the harder parts of my job, but I do love helping people find some peace and validation in one of the hardest decisions they have to make.

One owner was asking about her dog who seemed to be super anxious.  The feeling I got was that of a giant ship, similar to the Titanic, with a bent propeller.  It made the boat shimmy and shake instead of sail smoothly.  The dog’s insides felt exactly like that, and the dog said that when it was not warmed up or given a heads up before a change of activities, its spirit takes off, but its body takes a few seconds to catch up sort of like Wiley Coyote in the “Roadrunner” cartoons.  This was a new concept to me, but it made sense.  Hopefully the owner will start giving the dog a two or five minute warning when they want to go for a walk and things will shift. It sounds a bit nuts, but I have a feeling it will make a difference!

Finally, I’ll end with a person who asked about a dog named Papa who recently passed.  The dog came through super fast, but it stepped aside so that her recently deceased grandmother could come and say hello.  I guess sometimes you get more than you bargain for when you get an animal reading from me since I can also read people and spirits on the other side.  Luckily, her grandmother was just as silly and feisty in heaven as she was in life, and it was really fun to chat with her.  Thank you to all of you who participated in the first few live events and stay tuned for future posts!

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets, has an office in North Conway, NH but is also available for phone readings and private events.  FMI go to or email or call (603)662-2046.