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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Mar 31, 2017

I was recently interviewed by two college journalism majors doing a thesis on how dogs are viewed in other cultures and why Americans tend to view them as members of the family. When they reached out to me, I didn’t think I’d be able to offer much insight since I’m just a psychic, and all I know is what I’ve gleaned through readings. They said they had heard me on the radio and felt my perspective would benefit the video documentary. We met in my North Conway office, and with their cameras rolling, they asked me a few questions. One was how I got into this career. Well, it began by doing energy work called Reiki on dogs and then the dogs started talking in my head. I explained how my mother was always tuned in, and just before she died, I had read Sylvia Browne’s, The Other Side and Back, which is all about life and death. I always wanted to be psychic but didn’t know I was until about fifteen years ago.

They asked me what most people want to know when they come to me, and I honestly told them it could be anything and everything! Are their dogs happy is the number one question, quickly followed by what would make them happier. People also come to me when they have exhausted all traditional medical approaches resulting in no diagnosis of lingering health issues. I am not a veterinarian but I do feel physically what an animal is experiencing. I relay the information from the dog’s view point, which gives you an inside look at what could be going on.

They asked me how I deal with skeptics, and I simply said, “I don’t.” I’m not here to convince or convert, and if this isn’t your thing, I totally respect that. I did point out that I don’t really do any advertising, and the majority of my readings are referrals, so I must be doing something right! I have never felt the need to prove to someone that I’m the real deal. Am I entertained every time I look up and the owner has a shocked look on his face and asks me how the heck I knew that? Absolutely! Then we got to the meat of the interview. Why did I think our culture is so obsessed with our animals? Yes, there are exceptions, but if you’re reading this column, I’m guessing you’re one of the people we’re referring to.

This is where I had to shift to psychic Sara mode because my human brain has no idea. Using this approach, the answers flowed easily. We were told that in a lot of other cultures where dogs are viewed as dirty animals, the human family units are very important. People raise each other's children and celebrate the elders as part of a larger community. There are usually not as many distractions like cell phones, internet, television, and even cars, so people are actually interacting. In our busy lives, we have every opportunity to disconnect from our families. Animals are what bring us back to present. Think about what happens when someone walks into a crowd with a puppy. We all flock around it, want to touch it, turn to the person beside us who we may not even know and tell him how sweet it is! Animals are giving us the opportunity to feel emotions, to be reminded that family is important, and in return, they give us unconditional love. Usually. When a culture has this inherently from the people around them, the dogs don’t need to serve this purpose. I know I said more, but this is the part I remember!

At the end of the interview, I offered to read their animals. One of their dogs had recently passed, and he came through loud and clear. I knew they wanted to talk to the dog, but I kept getting distracted by a young male energy who told me his age and how he died. When I said his name out loud, they both gasped. It was a college friend who had died the day before the dog did. And they both share the same name. Isn’t that wild?! There were lots of tears and lots of, “But how did you know that?” I would say that at least 75% of animal readings result in human energies saying hello, bringing about another level of healing. They told me the project would be done by early April, and I can’t wait to watch it and see how they weave my perspective into their thesis.

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets, has an office in North Conway, NH but is also available for phone readings and private events. FMI go to, email, or call (603)662-2046.