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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Jun 01, 2017

I could write a book about my experiences on the road and my life as a psychic.  I actually have three books partially written but life keeps interrupting me and they remain locked away somewhere in my laptop.  In 2011 I really committed to Enlightened Horizons as a full time career.  In the past seven years I’ve been to every state in New England, stayed in more shady hotels thanI can count and two fancy pants ones, have tented and slept in my car, met newborn puppies and helped other dogs transition over the bridge. I’ve made wonderful friends and seen a side of dog shows that I didn’t know even existed.  For this edition of Furry Words I’d like to share some of my stories of life on the road.

I think I’ve told you about my experience at my first ever show at  Wassamski Springs Campground.  I had brought my son, who was only four years old.  That was the time he decided to chase a butterfly that was headed towards a ring full of very well behaved dogs doing a five minute down.  That was also when I learned how seriously people take competing  and Zachary stayed home after that.  The most surreal thing I took home from that first year on the road was that the word Bitch was a regular part of most dog show related conversations.  “Hi Sara, can you read my yellow bitch?”  “My dog just won winners bitch and we’d like a reading.”  Dear lord I was totally out of my comfort zone and had to contain my urge to giggle.  Now not only can I keep a straight face, I can say “She’s a beautiful bitch!” and be completely appropriate with my verbage.  Ok, I just laughed out loud writing that!  I guess I haven’t matured all that much.  Yet.

There was one weekend about four years ago when I did readings in Kittery, Maine in the evening, was headed to somewhere in the middle of Northern Maine the next day, landing in Elliot, Maine the day after that. To get myself closer to where I needed to be in the morning I stayed at a motel in South Portland on my way up from Kittery.  I was exhausted, checked in just before midnight and had to be out the door by 8am.  It was definitely run down and borderline creepy, but at that time I was limited by what I could afford.  Well, turns out you can afford bed bugs for that price and I not only did I wake up covered in bites but was interviewed by WCSH6 when my call to the board of health prompted a two week closure of the property due to the huge infestation.  I did my research and found that this hotel never passed the health inspections and that’s when I decided I really loved camping.  I’d be much happier in my tent than face the potential of encountering them again.  Totally grosses me out even thinking about it, and frustrates me that the hotel changed brands but is still in business.  I should mention they never even gave me a refund!

So that started my campground adventures.  I did a dog show in Union, Maine, and set up my tent that I typically used for multiday backpacking trips in the real wilderness.  I borrowed a friends cot (making my experience high class) and I’d go to bed wearing a headlamp and snuggled in my comfy sleeping bag.  I was getting back to my outdoorsy roots but chose to stay at places that had bathrooms and showers so I could at least be presentable when I showed up at an event for work the next day. Arriving at the show I’d walk through rows of RV’s more valuable than my house.  I’d do a day of readings and retire to my campsite, start a fire and dig through my cooler for dinner.  The tricky part was that sometimes the other people staying at campgrounds had no idea that a few miles away hundreds of dogs were getting primped for judges.  When they asked me what brought me to the area, I’d say, “Oh, I’m a psychic and a vendor at a dog show.”  The reactions ranged from flat out laughter to “Say that again?”  I have always been proud of what I do but did find some creative ways to avoid the awkwardness that it could evoke in the skeptics.  That being said, some of my most fun times on the road were hanging with the campground regulars!  But those stories may best be shared at a later date.

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets, has an office in North Conway, NH but is also available for phone readings and private events.  FMI go to, email or call (603)662-2046.