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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Jul 01, 2017

I wasn’t sure what to write about for July, so I put the word out on my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page that I would answer some dog questions in this column. I had over 80 people ask me about their pets, so I took the first ones and am going to answer them here. When I do a reading, I always give a few disclaimers. One, I’m not a vet or a trainer, so whatever information I give comes from a purely psychic perspective. That being said, they both trump me if we don’t agree. The other is that I am simply a street sign and you are driving the car, so you ultimately get to do what you want. I asked people to give me the name of the dog, kind or color, if it’s living or deceased, and what they wanted to know. Enjoy!


Ori, German Shepherd, living. How's he feeling - am I worrying too much about him? He actually feels pretty good to me but a little crooked. I get a strange feeling in my left shoulder, muscular, closer to the spine and kind of deep in the muscles. He likes that you worry about him because it validates his existence. What does he mean by that? You need some validation that you ARE doing the right thing, so constantly checking him over and comparing his progress to the last time you did lets you know that things are or aren’t working and that you’re needed. You do like to be needed. and he’s ok with that.


My dog Lakota, husky/lab, black and white, deceased. Will he come back to me as my next puppy? He is not going to come back as your next puppy, but he certainly will be around in spirit and keep tabs on it! I see a shaggy black and white mid size mutt of a dog that is ridiculously happy. If your new dog gets snippy out of the blue, tell Lakota to back off and leave the disciplining to you!


Kona- Shiloh Shepard- white- living and why does he always want to attack people except his owners? The owners have created a very safe spot, but you never know what someone else is going to do. I think they could help Kona be a bit more relaxed if they realize that it takes all types for this crazy world to go ‘round! And treats. He wants more treats, sweet potato please! And dried chicken jerky. Gross. I can actually taste it as I type that…


Lexie and Chief, living, black and white, Boston Terriers. They seem happy. Sometimes they seem to like each other and other times not so much. Do you think they really care about each other? They do, actually. I think that Chief prefers boundaries, which aren’t even in Lexie’s vocabulary. She will sit on him instead of next to him and it drives him nuts. Imagine having a child that drapes on you constantly. It is too much! At the end of the day, they do love each other. Chief may just need a little more alone time.


Rascal (beagle) - he is deceased. I would like to know if he blames me for the events that led to his passing. Not at all. He actually wants you to know that sometimes life is out of our control. We can mitigate risk by keeping our eyes on the ball, but you need to be more forgiving on yourself. I see full systems shutting down, and the decision for him to cross was made by him. He is very much at peace and would love for you to know that.


Sadie. A wheaten terrier. Deceased. Why did she die? Ugh. As soon as I read that, I get an explosion in my chest. It’s like a fire hose came off the hydrant. I don’t have pain, but I do have a blast and then my eyes slowly close. Thank you for letting me go and for honoring me in heaven. It means a lot to her that you are able to do that. She wants me to say that last line again because you were able to let her go. Yes, there was and is grief, but you know that she is at peace and you are still willing to talk to her every day. She loves that.


Max, rescued @ 2 years old. Is terrified of garbage truck or banging tailgate of dump truck. Growls when you hug him, doesn't care for personal contact. Rottweiler now 8 years old. Why? That’s not what he’s here for. He is an observer, someone that can see it all unfold and not be clouded by the emotional details. He is kind of fact finding in this life, and when he crosses, he will share that information with other souls that want a clearer picture of what to expect down here in life. The banging is too much of a low tone. It’s loud and low versus a high pitched smoke detector shrieking. He lives in a higher vibration, so those sounds rip through him energetically.


Gunner, a Yorkie. Deceased. He died at the vet’s office. I miss him terribly and will never know what happened. I want to know that he forgives me for leaving him there and that he is ok. He is absolutely ok with it! He is very funny, actually because he is sort of preaching to you that sometimes people wait until they’re alone to die. You pee with the bathroom door closed, which is very personal, he says, and he dies with the door closed. You weren’t supposed to be there, and he’s grateful that you weren’t. He got to go with peace and dignity. And you gave him that opportunity. End rant. Um, that was your dog’s tone, not mine!


I could answer these questions all day long! If you’re curious to hear what your dog has to say, you can learn more at Thank you all for contributing, and enjoy the summer while it lasts!