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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Aug 01, 2017

July was such a fun month for me! I actually took a week off and even turned off my work phone for longer than I can remember. I played in the ocean, the lake, my garden, and I got to spend time with family and friends. On one my adventures, I met a sweet dog named Dobby. If you’ve ever seen Harry Potter, you know the house elf with ears much larger than normal that is her namesake. I’d like to share the story of how Dobby was saved and who actually needed the saving.

She was a street dog in Savannah and it was the height of summer. People would toss her the crusts from their pizzas, but no one ever offered her water or real food. She had been in the town for over a month, but no one took her in or tried to find her owners. As a result, she was terribly malnourished, dehydrated, and her teeth were rotting out of her head. People went about their own business except for one little girl, who helplessly watched and hoped that someone would do something about it. Finally, she told her father that they needed to save her and that she had already named her Dobby. They took her to the vet, had her dewormed, and learned that there was hope for this very timid bag of bones. The problem was they couldn’t keep the dog.

My friend’s son lived nearby, and the girl sweetly looked up to him and said, “Her name is Dobby. You can have her if you promise to take her pink blanket for her to sleep with.” Well, this man never expected to own a dog, but for some reason he fell in love with her at first sight. He has been in the military all of his adult life and true love was something that had always seemed more of a concept than a reality. He’d always been too busy, or it wasn’t the right time. Apparently, this time it was right because everything lined up, and he walked back home with the frilly pink blanket tucked under his arm and a shy but grateful dog tucked under his arm. To this day, they have an incredible bond that is beyond words!

How is it that sometimes it takes an animal to get us to open up to love? Is it because we don’t fear judgement? Or that animals just give us everything they have and expect nothing in return? Or that we don’t overthink it the way we would a human relationship and simply allow the love to flow. I can relate to this story because four years ago a little orange kitten came into my life. He was starving and full of fleas, but my friend convinced me that my son and I both needed him. At the time I thought she was nuts, and I seriously questioned my own sanity when I agreed to it, but we named him Casper, and he joined our family of two. Within a day, he found a place in my heart that I didn’t even know was vacant.

At the time I was in survival mode, working to pay bills, juggling life to be a good parent, going to bed, repeating. The thought of dating was out of the question because I really didn’t have time for that and love wasn’t a priority. Simple, right? And then in walked Casper. My smooshy, sweet, lovable boy! He brought my son and I closer. He opened my heart. I was loved and actually gave more love than ever before. We almost lost him to a bobcat a year and a half ago, and then I realized how vulnerable you really are when you allow love to happen. He survived and is actually doing his best to distract me right now as I type up my article for a publication centered around dogs. He’s such a cat….

My point is that animals come in to our lives to teach us a lesson. Dobby was very unloved and overlooked at the beginning of her life. It took the love of a child to rescue her and put her in the arms of a man who needed saving, just in a different way. She still has her faded “my little pony blanket” too! People say is they’re not really sure who was rescued, the pet or the person. I like to think it’s mutual!


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