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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Sep 01, 2017

I have started asking people what they’d like me to write about, and I love all of the topics that have been suggested. The two most common ones are dogs and processing the grief of losing them and if dogs see spirits or feel energy. I talk a lot about death because I think so many people have regrets or fears about it, and the dogs are really always all right with “going home.” As we head into Autumn, I’m going to share some stories about dogs that do see spirits or react to people because of the energy that’s surrounding them. If this stuff isn’t for you, that’s totally fine. I’m not here to convince or convert anyone, but I do hope you take a moment to see what the dogs have to say about it!

The other day I read a dog who was a rescue from Puerto Rico. He was a total love bug, but sometimes he seemed anxious, and twice he had nipped at people for no apparent reason. When I asked him how he was feeling, he didn’t say anxious, but he did feel a little uncomfortable in his skin. He described the owner as always standing in her power. She knew what she was capable of, and he totally respected her for it. The problem was he was coming from a place of always needing someone to protect him, and they didn’t have the same energy.

Let me back up. We’re all made of energy, so we all sort of vibrate. When we vibrate at the same frequency as people around us, we feel fabulous! When we’re not in sync, it can feel really uncomfortable and sometimes downright irritating. The dog was here to remind the woman that she had spent her entire life somewhat isolated from people because she felt more at peace in her own little bubble. With all that is going on in the world today, people like her are being asked to light up and share that energy with the people around them. As soon as he told her this, she said it made total sense, and I could feel his body relaxing. This dog that she rescued was moving her along in her own journey, and they both felt grateful for the new awareness.

The second issue was that he had been nipping, and she couldn’t figure out a reason for it. He told me that he hated being around people who were energetically cluttered. Think of Peanuts and the character of Pigpen. He always has a cloud of gray dust around him, right? Now imagine that every negative thought you have, every worry, every concern floats out of your head and gunks up the space around you. This dog could actually FEEL and SEE that energy, and it drove him nuts! He also was protecting his owner from having to deal with these people, and his logic was by nipping at them (he swore it was more directed at the air around them than an effort to really bite) they would choose to go away. The challenge was that her lesson was to share the feeling of peace, light, and love and those people that he was scaring away might need it the most. I told her how to make an energetic bubble of light around both her and the dog so that when he encountered the Pigpens, their energy couldn’t affect them. She agreed to give it a shot, and I have a feeling there will be a lot more peace in their lives now.

I do want to quickly address the question whether dogs see spirits. Just like people, some are more open to it than others. If you had a heart dog or cat that passed, and your current dog comes around the corner, hits the breaks and slowly backs up to leave the room, there’s a good chance your old pet has come around to say hello. If your dog suddenly stops using its favorite bed, a spirit animal could be hanging out and taking up the space. I haven’t seen any pets from the other side be malicious. People can be obnoxious and disruptive, but pets seem to always be at peace with the other side and know they’ll see you again when it’s your time. Not all pets choose to come back to visit us in that way either. The next time your dog looks at you and then stares off at nothing, ask it who it is looking at! I smile as I write this because, to me, this is totally normal, and I get a thought or image of someone who has crossed over. That’s how I know who it is. You may also just feel that love in your heart that you felt when it was around. When this happens I hope you take joy in knowing that you have been blessed with a visit from heaven!

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