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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Oct 01, 2017

I have been loving the readings that I have been doing for people and their pets! Recently, I’ve helped a lot of people who have just had a pet die. I am always grateful to help them connect with the animal on the other side, but in order to do so, I have to turn off my emotions and simply be a conduit. This can be awkward at times because they may be sobbing away, but if I let myself feel their pain, there’s no way I could ever keep doing psychic readings. Here are two readings that stand out that will give you a little insight into what questions the owners ask and how the dogs answer.


One couple had two dogs die five months apart. They had no idea what had happened medically to one, and the other passed under anesthesia during a cat-scan or x ray. These dogs were just wonderful and had two very distinct personalities. The girl, who had gone first, was a total diva. She said if she was as human, she would have always worn a fur shawl and would’ve looked like the woman in The Devil Wears Prada or a very nice version of Cruella Deville. She knew that she was simply here to be adored by her loving fans and owners and took pride in knowing how to strut her stuff and then strategically pause for the paparazzi. If you offered her something, she knew that it would have been of the highest quality because that was obviously what she was worthy of. Her brother was happy go lucky and so grateful for everything they did for him. They put food in his bowl, and it was the BEST food ever! They took him for a walk, and it was the BEST walk ever! Treats? He LOVED them! It’s Monday? He LOVED Mondays! Whatever they gave him, he was excited and enjoyed it all while it lasted. He wasn’t here for ego at all and lived by the credo,“If it feels good, do it.”


The owners were still grieving and trying to digest the loss of both of their beloved dogs, but they did say that I had described them each perfectly. They wanted to know why the dog had died under the care of what they had considered the best veterinary care, but that’s not what the dog wanted to discuss. Instead, they were told (by the dog) that he loved every single minute of his time with them, and he also knew that they would never have been able to let him suffer and would have done whatever it took to prolong his life. They immediately said they would have done whatever it took to keep him comfortable, which is lovely, but not what he wanted. He reassured them that he was ready to go and that he loved them so much he took the decision for end of life care out of their hands. He was looking back and forth at both of the owners and asked me why they were so upset? He thought he was doing them a favor by gently slipping into heaven and that he was loving it there much as he had loved it here. He said that he would see them soon (time doesn’t matter over there) and reminded them they should really spend more energy celebrating how awesome his life was instead of mourning his loss.


I had to explain to him that yes, he was at peace, and we were all thrilled for him, but the people “stuck” over here still have to deal with lots of emotions and sadness. I asked him if he wanted to be memorialized anyway, and he said no. They should just talk about him and remember what a great dog he was. His sister, however, jumped at the chance to talk about ways to honor her life! She described an elaborate piece of jewelry, and after making me try to explain it to the owners in great detail, the wife said her husband had given it to her already. It contained some of the dogs’ hair, and she wore it all the time as a way to keep her close to her heart.


The last story I want to share with you is about another reading I did that day for a dog who had passed away not even a week prior. I helped the owner communicate with her sweet boxer and answered all of the questions she had for her. Before we hung up, the dog wanted her to know that she was totally fine with her getting another dog and encouraged her to get it ASAP. She said she couldn’t do it yet, mostly because she didn’t want the dog in heaven to think she was being disrespectful. I pointed out that her dog put in the request for a new dog and then it got a little frustrated. She explained to her owner that if we all play the lottery, we all have the same exact odds of winning. The dog had felt exceptionally loved and pointed out that no matter how much she ended up loving another dog, it would never diminish the experience they had enjoyed together. After saying this, the dog kind of rolled her eyes at me as if to say, “Wow. These humans don’t get that concept, do they?’ I had to chuckle because no, most people don’t seem to understand that. We still need the time to heal, and I always encourage people to take as much time as they need. You will know when it is time for you to get another dog!

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets with an office in North Conway, NH. She is available for phone and Skype readings as well. If you’re curious to hear what your dog has to say, you can learn more at