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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Jan 01, 2018

I love winter, the new year, and fresh white snow blanketing the ground. Have you ever taken your dog out after a huge snow storm and stood there in silence? It is hard to do with some of the dogs I’ve met over the years, but it’s worth trying if you ever have the opportunity! Snow makes the quiet even quieter. Having a dog “inspire” you to go out on the coldest, darkest days of winter gives you an opportunity to reflect on where you’ve been and get a better bearing on where you want to go.

I know that I talk to my pets all the time. I tell them where I’m going, when I’ll be back, and when I’m going to get off the couch to give them another scoop of food. I also tell them about my day and how awesome it was or how I really, really need the next one to be better. I remind them that they better watch out or I’ll write an article about them, and someday the book I write about our crazy journey will be a national best seller! You know what I’m doing as I tell them this? I’m manifesting my future. When we put a thought out there, we are screwing a new light bulb into the socket and turning on the switch. It suddenly illuminates, and the universe sees this thought (light) and sends tons of energy to it, helping us to get what we want.

Why am I telling you this in a dog magazine? The answer is because our pets rarely judge us. I laugh saying that because the ones that I’ve read that have judged their owners totally crack me up, but luckily it rarely happens. This makes our four legged companions the perfect sounding board for our hopes and dreams. Tell them how awesome you are! Share your hopes and dreams with them, and as you go on your walk, imagine that every step is bringing you closer to abundance, love, joy, peace, contentment, silliness, etc. If you hate your circumstances, talk it out with your pet.

What would you change? Don’t just complain to them, because that’s really not productive. You’re allowed to get it off your chest, BUT you have to then tell them what you’d replace the icky with and how it would look and feel to be living with the “better” version of your life. Bring the pup along on the journey in your mind, too! You can promise them a new collar, special treats, a soak in the hot tub that you can already see being installed on your beautiful new deck. I have no idea where that hot tub suggestion came from, but apparently one of your dogs thinks its a fabulous idea!

As you enter the new year, remember that it is full of possibility. Think back to where you were emotionally or physically when your got your pet(s). What have they come here to teach you? Are you listening to them and grateful for the blessing they’ve given you? Do they enhance your life? What are they trying to tell you, and have you been listening? The next time you’re on a walk, let your dog know how much you love him and tell him why. Then tell him what he has made you more aware of, and how you love it or you need to change a few things for life to feel perfect. You have way more control over your destiny than you may realize, so start manifesting and living a life of joy!

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets who offers private and group readings, workshops and fundraisers. Go to FMI.